Homún is from the towns near Mérida with a good number of tourist cenotes. Cenote Santa Rosa is the most comfortable to visit thanks to the facilities that have been built for visitors.

Around the Santa Rosa cenote they have built a tourist hostel with a comfortable and spacious restaurant, changers and other basic services, a shopping area for crafts y cabins to stay. These facilities make some visitors to Homun they opt for the visit to the Santa Rosa cenote, where they find a comfortable space and ready to receive groups. The pool, of course, is the Santa Rosa cenote itself.

Cenote Santa Rosa, lodging with 1 natural pool
Tourist hostel of the Santa Rosa cenote
Cenote Santa Rosa, lodging with 2 natural pool
Restaurant area

When I visit Homun I did not go with a reservation of accommodation, I had an idea of ​​where to sleep, but I like to choose along the way. Upon arrival I saw that cabins were rented in the cenote Santa Rosa, and I liked the idea of ​​waking up early and being the only visitor to the place. These are the advantages of sleeping in places like the Suytun, Ik kil or camping in the Yokdzonot cenote or the Yaxcabaltun. Although they open access to these cenotes between 9 and 10, if you stay in them, they always have flexibility towards their customers.

Traditional Mayan cottage of the Santa Rosa cenote

And that I did, visit the Santa Rosa cenote Very early in the most absolute privacy, a vice this of having cenotes for one. It is a cave cenote, with little light, and they have it illuminated with purple colors. Before traveling to Homun I had seen pictures of the cenote, and I threw a lot of light back in the nightclub inside, it is not a style that catches my attention, everyone likes it. Those who already know me know that I am a very easy soul with the cenotes, and the Santa Rosa captivated me because of the joy I had for more than an hour taking my photos there alone.

Guide with the cenotes of Homún


In the Santa Rosa cenote you find 10 cabins where to sleep, some made in the traditional Mayan style, and the new ones made of concrete block (cement). The treatment received and the kindness of the workers and watchmen (caretakers) of the place was great, and that helps in the trips.

Cenote Santa Rosa Cabins

The crystal clear water, the natural beauty of the formations and the facilities inside and outside the Santa Rosa cenote, make it an ideal place for all visits. In addition to the extensive facilities in the cenote, they manage El Cenote Restaurant, on the road that passes through Homún. Undoubtedly the owner of the project is a person with desire to improve and please the visitor, something that is appreciated.

I wish you the best of luck in your project, and you traveler who enjoy this great Cenote of Homún.

Cenote Santa Rosa, lodging with 3 natural pool

Cenote Santa Rosa, cenotes

LOCATION: cenote Santa Rosa is located in Homún, in the mere town, very close to the cenote TzaUjunKat, probably the most visited. Homún is at 50 km east of Mérida. If you go from Mérida take the 59 street to the peripheral of the city, follow the sign for the road to Chichén Itzá, after 5 km there is a detour to Acanceh. Arrives at the village of Acanceh, then crosses Cuzamá and 5 km is Homún. Entering from Mérida, after the City Services unit, turn right and travel 300 meters. It is well indicated, located next to the municipal football field.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? You can go in trucks (buses) second class or collective (vans) that cross the 180 highway leaving Mérida, Valladolid or Piste. Bus leaves from the Northeastern terminal of Mérida, 67 x 52 and 50; 7: 45, 9: 15, 10: 45, 12: 30 and 14: 30 schedules; It costs 23 pesos. Another option is to go by bus, leave when they are filled in front of the same terminal, on 67 street and charge 25 pesos. They take between 1 hour and a little more the big bus. From Piste or Valladolid also arrive collectives.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: from 10 to 17 daily. There are box office services, showers, restaurant, souvenir shops.
PRICE: 30 mxn (Mexican pesos).
ACCOMMODATION: They have 10 eco cabins. The prices range from the 700 mxn to the 1,000 mxn per night with capacity to stay for 4 to 7 people depending on the cabin that is chosen. All have potable water, fans and hammocks. You can camp too.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothes, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect you from insect bites, some water always goes well. The swimsuit and a towel or pareo to dry after the bath. It is a good option to wear a diving mask to better appreciate the place.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.
CHARACTERISTICS OF SANTA ROSA CENOTE: It is closed type inside grotto, with 12 meters of free fall, its water mirror measures 14 meters long by 21 wide and a maximum depth of 5 meters. SEDUMA data sheet.

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Cenote Santa Rosa, lodging with 4 natural pool
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