The Kalot Jool cenote and the Nohoch Aktun grotto is an adventure to add on your way. Halfway between Cancun and Valladolid we find the interesting town of X-Can, a place of amazing cenotes and caves.

The town of X-Can is one of the destinations in Yucatan that we are passionate about for its cenotes, caves and community projects that try to promote tourism in its population. We are going to know the possibilities of destiny and enter the Kalot jool cenote and the Nohoch Aktun grotto.

A very exciting place awaits us.

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X-Can is located halfway between Cancun and Valladolid, on the free highway. X-Can is the first Yucatecan town after the border between Quintana Roo and Yucatán. Don't get confused with Nuevo X-Can, which is the town of Quintana Roo, also on the border.

Just 2 kilometers out of X-Can towards Valladolid you see a wooden sign indicating that there is a cenote and a grotto. You are on federal highway 180, the one known as the free highway between Cancun and Valladolid.

A small parking lot and a white sign with black letters shows you the place. There you will find the locals who run the place, pure people of the town who have ventured to create their business with the natural treasures of their town. Both attractions, cenote Kalot Jool and Nohoch Aktun, share the same administration. Truly sustainable tourism in X-Can.

When you arrive at the parking lot you are greeted with photos of the cenote kalot jool and the Nohoch Aktun Grotto so you can get an idea of ​​its beauty and you can choose what to do. Both places are worth it, now we are going to see it.

Cenote Kalot Jool and Grotto Nohoch Aktun, magical adventures in X-Can 2
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How to get to X-Can from Valladolid by public transport and Cancun

  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FROM VALLADOLID: There are large ADO and Mayab buses that stop at X-can. From here there are 2 kilometers to the cenote, which you can do on foot or you can go by mototaxi from the town. You can also go by collective taxi from Valladolid to Chemax (ask where the collective taxis or combis leave in Valladolid). From Chemax take another shuttle to X-Can. Calculate 2 hours to get to X-Can from Valladolid, between waiting for transport and the adventure of traveling by public transport, where there are no precise times.
  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FROM CANCUN: You can take the large Mayab bus (they leave from the ADO terminal in Cancun) that stops at X-Can. From here you go by motorcycle taxi to the entrance to the cenote or on foot, it is 2 kilometers away.

Think that all the towns of the Peninsula arrive transport in some way or another. This is how a large part of the local population moves. There are no schedules, when the transport is full it leaves.

By public transport it is better to travel early, after 5 in the afternoon it is more difficult to travel by public transport.

grotto nohoch aktun cenote kalot jool
Entrance signage sign


From the parking lot next to the road it is 200 meters to the entrance of the Kalot Jool cenote. A small hole in the middle of the jungle awaits you on your adventure. The path is very simple and without loss. We recommend closed shoes to walk more safely and protect yourself.

  • CENOTE KALOT JOOL CHARACTERISTICS: the descent of 18 meters down a staircase gives you that little adrenaline rush, very impressive. The ladder is well supported and safe, so don't suffer. Also for your safety they hold you with a harness, so you can go down calmly. The only thing we recommend when going down is to have your hands free, closed shoes that don't get tangled up on the stairs, and your things in a backpack on your back. The cenote is a cave, with a depth of 1 meter to 12 meters in its lowest part.
  • WHAT DOES KALOT JOOL MEAN: means double hole in the Mayan language, in reference to the two holes that open towards the water mirror.
  • WHAT WE LIKE THE MOST: It's a little-known cenote run by locals. We love being able to support community projects, it's also a little-visited cenote, and we love to enjoy nature in solitude?
  • WHAT WE LIKE LEAST: So far they don't have showers. It is the next thing that they are going to install, but without a doubt it is a point against the good health of the cenote water. If you go to this cenote try not to put on creams, deodorants and other chemicals that can harm the water.
  • IDEAL FOR: This is a cenote for adventurers.

When you go down you already enjoy this magnificent cave cenote. You will see that the descent of 18 meters leaves you on a small island in the center, around which there is crystal clear water. That means you can safely leave your belongings on the island and enjoy the bath in the underworld. The Kalot Jool cenote is very spectacular, one of those that makes you smile with emotion.

kalot jool cenote
Photo courtesy of the Aventuras Mágicas agency
kalotjool x-can cenote
Cenote Kalot Jool and Grotto Nohoch Aktun, magical adventures in X-Can 3
group ajau cenote kalot jool
Topographic map of Ajau Group (thanks to your publication I learned about the cenote). Are we super fans of Ajau?


In the Mayan language aktun means grotto and large nohoch. In the Yucatan peninsula you can enjoy many caves, each one more impressive. Just like the Kalot Jool cenote, the Nohoch Aktun It was an amazing surprise on the way. It is a very special grotto due to its spectacular and varied formations

In the grotto nohoch aktun we found remains of pottery and animal bones. The caves have been and continue to be the home of humans and animals, as well as places where ceremonies are held.

The grotto is easy and safe to access. They have made a very well designed tour inside, respecting at all times the natural environment of the place. I loved the visit to nohoch aktunI found the place very magical. You will be able to enjoy different formations that lead us to imaginary worlds.

grotto nohoch aktun
Nohoch Aktun Formations
grotto nohoch aktun
Ceramic remains inside the grotto


So far this cenote is little visited, sometimes they are not in the place. Our recommendation is that if you do not go on the weekend, you better let us know that you are going to this telephone number +52 998 106 4642

Nohoch Aktun and Kalot Jool timetable

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day

Price Nohoch Aktun and Kalot Jool

150 pesos per person the entrance to the cenote. If you want to rappel down they charge you 100 pesos.

150 pesos per person entrance to the grotto

Nohoch Aktun and Kalot Jool Services

It is its weakest point because it does not have services, although they are working on it.

Contact Nohoch Aktun and Kalot Jool

In addition to the telephone number (+52 998 106 4642 / +52 998 106 4642)

We leave you the page Facebook cenote and grotto Nohoch Aktun

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WEAR A VISOR: if you go to the cenotes always wear a mask or visor to see underwater, it gives you a different and beautiful view of the cenotes. So far they don't rent equipment here.
COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: we recommend comfortable and closed shoes. Going down the stairs to the cenote with flip-flops is not recommended, nor is a visit to the cave.
CASH: they only accept payment in cash.
INSECT REPELLENT: bring biodegradable repellent, use it after bathing.
GO THROUGH THE SHOWER/SHOWER: in this cenote there is no shower at the moment, so do not use chemicals when you go to visit it.
THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or sarong to dry off.
RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not hang from the roots of the trees, do not scratch the walls, do not touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place. Collect all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or subtract flora or fauna.

mexico cenotes


X-Can is a population of about 5200 inhabitants where tourist interest is gradually awakening. Natural reasons are not lacking to be a benchmark of tourist interest, but promotion. In this area we enjoy some of the most impressive cenotes and caves on the Peninsula, including the Kalot Jool cenote and the Nohoch Aktun grotto.

Meet 14 awesome cenotes near Valladolid

cenote valladolid map
Open the map of cenotes around Valladolid

Local Agency: Magical Adventures at X-Can

In X-Can there is a local agency called Aventuras Mágicas, with which you can contact to do tourist activities. They accompany you to know different places in X-Can and surroundings and offer experiences in its population. You will be able to take a tricitaxi tour of the town, learn about the history of the place by visiting the highlights, and share delicious Yucatecan food with locals at home.

MAGICAL ADVENTURES CONTACT: we leave you their page at Facebook to know more about them.

CONTACT PHONE: +52 984 130 4807

agency x-can magic adventures


All the visits you make will see that they bring you different things, and all the places are worth it.

  • CENOTE SAC-HÁ OR SASCAB: It is a small cave cenote where you find rustic cabins with services. You can also camp. Not many people go, so having a private cenote for you is something that is luxurious. It is located at the exit of the town towards Valladolid, there is a sign that indicates it.
  • CENOTE CHOJ JA': one of the most beautiful cenotes in Yucatan, highly recommended. Of those charming places. They also have a grotto to visit and rappel. Rustic services. You locate it 8 kilometers from X-can towards Valladolid. A yellow sign on the left.
  • SANTA RITA ROUTES: one of the most impressive caves we have visited on the Peninsula. Its hundreds of painted hands make it a unique and sacred place to connect with a very interesting Mayan past. Once you pass the Chooj J'a cenote, just a few kilometers ahead, there is a discreet sign. The deviation is at the height of the Buenavista town.
  • CENOTE KALOT JOOL AND GRUTA NOHOCH AKTUN: it is the path that leads us to today's adventure.
X-Can Cenote
Choj Ja Cenote

We hope you enjoy both the cenote and the grotto. This area captivates us a lot, there is much to see and know around here. We will return to the area and we hope to continue surprising you with beautiful places in this land that we love so much.

Good way,

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