In the section between Valladolid and X-Can there are several detours to cenotes that will captivate you. Cenote Fantasma is one of the last to open in this area of ​​spectacular cenotes.

Ghost Cenote opened its doors in the 2016, in an area near Valladolid that has been activated in recent years. On the free 180 road, which connects Valladolid with Riviera Maya, there are several detours on the way to really spectacular cenotes: Freshwater, Popcorn, Sac aua, Xcanajaltun, Chooj Ja 'or the Ghost itself, are cenotes that will meet your expectations. We recommend all these cenotes if you go to Valladolid.

Our selection of the most precious Cenotes in Valladolid

ghost cenote

Cenote Fantasma, Yucatán

The name of the Ghost does not come from any legend that could scare you inside the cenote. Cenote Ghost Town is the name that derives from the town that was left without people, a ghost town, and some say that voices have been heard since it was abandoned.

ghost cenote

Ghost CenoteLike some of the cenotes in the area, he hopes that independent tourism along with the continuous count of some agency in Riviera Maya will assure them a minimum of clients a week, and allow local families to live off their great treasure. They were grouped in this project. Other cases of cenotes in the area such as the Hubiku, the Maya Cenote or X-Canché, for different reasons, are the most visited cenotes. This area near the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid, is gaining more prominence in a Yucatan full of beautiful corners.

One may come to think that after seeing so many cenotes you stop surprising yourself, but it is not so, each cenote has a unique beauty. In the Cenote Fantasma we can see the collapse of the dome, it looks great, a piece of rock that falls into the crystalline waters. Once again nature captures us how great it is and how tiny we humans are.

ghost cenote
Yucatecan ghost cenote
ghost cenote valladolid

The facilities of the Cenote Fantasma are very correct, both the services and the care paths to the cenote. In cave cenotes or semi-open entrances are usually a magical moment, one never knows how beautiful the cenote is until it crosses inside.

Ghost cenote entrance
Ghost cenote how to get

The entrance to ghost cenote It is one of those that overcomes. I like wood and rope more than cement or steel when it comes to enabling cenotes, wood does not make me so aggressive with the natural environment. Ghost Cenote is the one to recommend without fear of being wrong, the place is beautiful.

Cenote Fantasma, another great cenote 1
A traveler hug 🙂

Ghost Cenote It has a special place in my memory for visiting it with a traveler I met thanks to the blog, and we got together to go out to cenote. Hopefully we will cross paths again, it was a pleasure to share time with you Javier, he knew me to return to an old friendship.

Cenote Fantasma, another great cenote 2

Ghost Cenote, cenotes

LOCATION: The Ghost Cenote is located near the X-Catzín police station. On the 180 road, free, from Valladolid to Cancun you will see the detour before arriving in Chemax. You can follow the indications of the Cenote Maya, the detour is well signposted.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: Open from 9 to 17 daily hours. There are services at the entrance of the restaurant, bathrooms, changing rooms and showers (showers).
PRICE ENTRY: 70 mxn per person.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?Chemax arrives public transport from Valladolid (25 minutes). From Chemax collective taxis to X-Catzín, I do not know the price.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen (use it after bathing), closed and comfortable shoes to protect yourself from insect bites, some water always goes well swimsuit and a towel or pareo to dry after the bath. It is a good option to take diving mask to better appreciate the place.
THE LAW OF THE GOOD CENOTERO: To avoid contaminating the delicate water of the cenotes, do not use body creams, or protectors, or repellents before entering them. Do not hang from the roots of the trees or touch the stalactites or do any other idiocy that damages the place.
CHARACTERISTICS OF CENOTE: cenote Ghost it is closed, you can see the collapse of its diametrical vault. You can dive, I did not get more data.

Good way,

Cenote Fantasma, another great cenote 3
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