Cenote Dos Ojos is one of the highlights of the Riviera Maya for two reasons: it is one of the most beautiful on the coast, and it was also one of the first to open its doors to tourism. Its fame is totally deserved. How to visit it, where it is located, price and what else to do?

We arrived in 2007 to live in this wonderful area of ​​the Mexican Caribbean, and we knew in advance of the beauty of the cenotes. From the first day that we could, we dedicated ourselves to exploring and knowing the area of ​​the Riviera Maya, and in general the entirety of the Yucatan Peninsula. These desire and passion have led us to work today making private circuits in the Mayan area.

The cenotes were the first thing we went out to enjoy. Asking for the most recommended ones, the Dos Ojos cenote always came out, and I write down two others that were always the same: Gran cenote and cenote Manatí. For us they are undoubtedly on the list of the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya.

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cenote two eyes
Crystal clear water in cenote Dos Ojos


The Dos Ojos cenote is 55 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and 19 from Tulum. The entrance to the Dos Ojos cenote is located at km 244 along the road. It is important to know that the Dos Ojos cenote is located within the Dos Ojos Park.

In this recreational park you can visit several cenotes and carry out different activities. It is possible to take the option of just visiting Cenote 2 Ojos. Then we explain all the options and prices you have.

location cenote dos ojos
Cenote Dos Ojos

From the general entrance to Dos Ojos Park there are 3 kilometers along a shady dirt road to the Dos Ojos cenote. You can get there by public transport, by private car, taxi or on a tour. We are going to explain the options so it will be easier for you to choose.

If you are going to walk this dirt road, we recommend you bring water and protect yourself from the sun. Despite the road being shady, it is very hot and can give you a heat stroke. Follow the advice please. Cars kick up a lot of dust when they pass.

Enjoy cenote Dos Ojos, the jewel of crystalline water of the Riviera Maya 1
Open the map of Cenotes of the Dos Ojos Park
  • BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Buses leave from Playa del Carmen and Tulum along Federal Highway 307 that runs parallel to the Caribbean coast (it is the road where all-inclusive hotels are located). From the entrance of the Dos Ojos Park to the cenotes you can move for 25 pesos the way with transportation from the place.
  • BY PRIVATE CAR: from the entrance there is a dirt track to the cenote, it is 3 kilometers to the Dos Ojos cenote.
  • ON TOUR: You can go on tour with agency from wherever you are, or go on your own and take the tour services that Parque Dos Ojos offers for the different cenotes.

I hardly have photos of Dos Ojos because when I have visited it it has been diving or relaxing with friends, so I never took photos calmly. I assure you that it is a beautiful place.

It is called 2 eyes because of the two entrances to the cenote. One of them is more practical for access by divers (the east entrance) and the other for bathers. Between the two eyes is the so-called Bat Cave, which can be reached by swimming from the western entrance. Our recommendation is that you come and see both entrances.

cenote map two eyes
Map of the Dos Ojos cenote: the two entrances and the cave of the bats.


The cenotes of Riviera Maya are the most expensive in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the most tourist area by far, and therefore the price of tickets and services is more expensive. Here the cenotes cost from 150 pesos minimum. In Yucatan you pay from 30 pesos, to get an idea.

Cenote Dos Ojos is priced at 350 pesos per person

You can visit it for free, on a tour with a local guide or in a package combining with other cenotes.

  • FOR FREE: You pay 350 pesos and you have access to the cenote and its bathroom and shower services.
  • WITH LOCAL GUIDE: You pay 600 pesos and you are accompanied by a local guide, it includes the entire snorkel equipment of mask, fins, vest, wetsuit and lamp. It also includes transportation to the cenote.
  • PACKAGE OF ACTIVITIES WITH OTHER CENOTES: there is a combination of cenotes with cenote Los Monos or Mayan Mystery that sell it as a circuit. Ask at the park entrance.
cenote two eyes


We have already seen that the Dos Ojos cenote belongs to the Dos Ojos Park, a place of recreational and adventure tourism focused on different activities in cenotes. We recall that despite the offer of activities, you can take the option of visiting only the Dos Ojos cenote.

Cenotes of Dos Ojos Park to visit

  • CENOTE TWO EYES: 350 pesos for free. 600 pesos in tour with guide that includes the entrance, the mask equipment, snorkel, fins, wetsuit (so as not to get cold), lamp, vest and locker to store your things. Transportation to the cenote, located 3 kilometers from the entrance to Dos Ojos Park.
  • CENOTE THE MONKEYS: You cannot visit it by yourself, only with a local guide. The price is 600 pesos per person on tour with a guide that includes the entrance, the mask equipment, snorkel, wetsuit (not to get cold), lamp, vest and locker to store your things. Transportation to the cenote
  • CENOTE MAYAN MYSTERY: You can not visit it by yourself, only with a local guide. It costs 600 pesos in tour with guide that includes the entrance, the mask equipment, snorkel, wetsuit (not to get cold), lamp, vest and locker to store your things. Transportation to the cenote
  • JAGUAR CENOTE: 2 kilometers from the entrance to the Park is the entrance to this cenote, where zip line is practiced. It is an open cenote and the price is 250 pesos per person. Like Dos Ojos you can visit it for free.
  • CENOTE NIC HAS YOU: It is a nice cenote open 1 kilometer from the entrance of the Parque Cenote Dos Ojos. Price per person 200 pesos. Like Dos Ojos you can visit it for free.
  • TWO PALMAS CENOTES: This cenote offers restaurant and temazcal services. It is a semi-open cenote with crystal clear and shallow waters. Ideal to go with family. The price is 200 pesos per person. The temazcal is 900 pesos per person. The cenote is 2 kilometers from the entrance.
  • CENOTE TAAK BIHA: as well as Dos Palmas is inside the Dos Ojos cenote park, but they are managed independently. The entrance is the same, but payment is made directly in the cenote. The entrance is 3 kilometers away, just past the Dos Ojos cenote. The price is 350 pesos per person and on a guided tour it is 400 pesos (they give you the equipment). It is one of the few cave cenotes that we find in Riviera Maya, it is spectacular of beautiful. Excellent to go with a mask and enjoy the crystal clear waters.
  • CENOTE THE PIT: it is somewhat further from the rest. It is a cenote highly sought after by divers for its beautiful interior galleries. It is not so much for bathers.

Services of the Cenote Dos Ojos Park

  • SERVICES: There is a bathroom and showers (showers) at the different entrances to the cenotes. Too restaurants on the dirt road that leads to the different cenotes, as well as shops where you can buy water and soft drinks, snacks or snacks.
  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL: mask 70 pesos, lockers or locker 50 pesos and fins 50 pesos.
  • CHILDREN: they pay the general price from 7 years.
  • TRANSPORT: They told us that there is a shuttle service to the cenotes for 25 pesos each way. You must wait for the taxi to deal with 4 or pay for everyone.
park two eyes
Cenote Dos Ojos


In Riviera Maya there are different cenote parks such as Dos Ojos. The park Labnah y Aktun Chen They are the closest competition to Parque Dos Ojos. All of them offer activities in cenotes, from zip lines, underground caves, snorkeling, kayaking.

Cenote Dos Ojos, if it weren't so touristy, would be a place that I would recommend with my eyes closed. For us it is a very important factor to be able to enjoy places with few people and in the tourist Riviera Maya it is difficult. But there are always solutions for the desire, so if you want to visit Dos Ojos cenote alone, we recommend arriving early first thing in the morning. Divers are usually the first to arrive, swimmers later.

If you arrive at 8.30 in the morning it is ideal to be quiet. We leave you the Dos Ojos Park website and contact.

The various options to visit the place is something we like, in addition to the facilities and services of the place. Remember that you have other cenotes to discover. Taak Bi Ha Cenote we love it too.

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