Cenote del Gato is the luxury pool that some residents of Sotuta have in their backyard. The world of cenotes is really fantastic. I have been enjoying this world for 14 years and it never ceases to amaze me.

If you like to get out of the conventional and get to know authentic places, you will love the Cenote del Gato (also known in Mayan as Dzonot Miis). It is located in the backyard of a private house belonging to some residents of the Yucatecan town of Sotuta, something that is not so common.

Sotuta is a pretty town in the southeast of Mérida. It is a beautiful area to know and visit. Looking forward to going back there, there is so much left to enjoy.

sotuta cenote


Sotuta is a town located in the southeast of Mérida. Do not get confused with Sotuta de Peón, this is more touristy and well-known. The Sotuta de cenote del Gato is not as well known. Not so much tourism arrives here, and the truth is that there are real treasures to enjoy.

From Mérida the fastest way to go to Sotuta is to get to Holcá and from there to Sotuta. If you are not in a hurry, I recommend going to Sotuta along the road that connects Huhi with Sotuta and Yaxcaba. I just love it, you enter a different landscape, and the "slides" on this road in such flat terrain as Yucatan, make me smile. In the time of February it is painted with these beautiful yellow Yucatan flowers (I don't remember what they are called, so if you know, tell me please??).

how to go to sotuta yucatan

The cenote del Gato is in a calle 20 x 27 y 29 97690 Sotuta, Yucatan, Mexico

  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE GATO BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: between the towns of Yucatan you can move by bus (they are vans of about 15 people, they leave when they are full) that are located on 52nd street between 65th and 67th or large 2-class bus : Sotuta is served by buses from Transporte Oriente (69th Street, between 68 and 70). About 80 pesos the ticket. The buses go via Huhí.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE GATO BY CAR: via Holcá the road is more direct as you go along a section of the Mérida-Cancún highway, through Huhi you get more populated. It takes about 1 hour and a half. Have I already told you how much I like the section from Huhí to Sotuta?
how to go to sotuta
With one click open the map to get to Sotuta


  • ABOUT ITS NAME: In Yucatecan Mayan we know it as Dzonot Miis, which means Cenote del Gato. I don't remember why they called it that.
  • CENOTE GATO CHARACTERISTICS: it is a cave cenote, the water is a little colder in the cave ones because the sun does not touch it, between 23/21 degrees.
  • WHAT WE LIKE THE MOST: the location inside the patio of a private house makes it unique. These extraordinary things happen in Yucatan? There are several cenotes in private houses, until today this is the most beautiful that we have seen of these characteristics.
  • WHAT WE LIKE LEAST: something neglected in some details, although they have put all the intention into it.
  • A LITTLE SECRET: in Sotuta there is a grotto to visit also in the home of some individuals. On 18th Street between 25th and 27th Streets (almost corner of 27th Street).


CENOTE DEL GATO HOURS: open every day from 9 to 7:30 in the afternoon.

CENOTE DEL GATO SERVICES: there is a bathroom and shower, they still give you your life jacket. It is likely that on weekends, or if you notify them beforehand, they will offer you some Yucatecan snacks to eat.

CENOTE DEL GATO PRICE: 30 local pesos, 70 foreign pesos.

CONTACT CENOTE DEL GATO: the telephone number is +52 999 273 4963. You can find them on Google Maps. We show you a photo of the entrance so that you can locate it more easily.

cat cenote
cat cenote


We love populating Yucatan, each place has its charm. Sotuta was a good surprise in our walk through these lands. Just arriving, I fell in love with the murals that decorate some of the walls of the place. You will see that you will find a lot of urban art in various towns in Yucatan, but those of Sotuta are something incredible.

As always, the churches of warm colors, and the occasional colonial building stand out in the towns. You will always find a street stall to eat, you are in Mexico, you will not lack that. If you're vegan or vegetarian, it's going to be a bit complicated, well, repeat a lot of beans, guacamole, and rice. The journey is adapting, part of learning ??

De Sotuta is one of the Mayan warriors who fought the colonizers, Nachi Cocom. In these towns you can investigate the roots of the history of the Peninsula.

sotuta cenote yucatan
sotuta yucatan


  • WEAR A VISOR: if you go to the cenotes always wear a mask, it gives you a different and beautiful view of the cenotes. If you have a water lamp, I recommend that you take it.
  • COMFORTABLE FOOTWEAR: access to the cenotes is very varied: dirt roads, sometimes slippery stairs, some enter the water stepping on stone. Go with a closed shoe that fits, if it can get wet better.
  • CASH: only pay in cash, if you have small change better. Think they don't get many people up to date and sometimes they don't have change.
  • FOOD: You cannot bring food or drinks into the cenote.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: a good shower before entering the cenotes is essential to avoid contaminating them with chemicals from our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course to the swimsuit, and also a towel or sarong to dry you, if not as iguana in the sun. Like a change of clothes to change as you schedule the day.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: don't hang from the roots of the trees, don't scratch the walls, don't touch the stalactites or do any other stupid thing that damages the place.
dzonot miis sotuta


In the surroundings of Mérida you have many cenotes to explore. We made a map so that it is easy for you to locate them and see the photos of the places. I hope it will help you on your way through these beautiful Mayan lands?

map cenotes merida and surroundings
Open the Merida cenotes map with a single click

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