In the Tulum area and surroundings we find beautiful cenotes to enjoy. The Heart of Paradise cenote is one of the most beautiful in the area. Enjoy fresh water in a unique landscape of the Mexican Caribbean.

I give you a brief introduction. We knew about the Cenote Heart of Paradise and I went to visit it as a possible stop for the private circuits that we offer. With this I already give you a small clue of the cenotes, because we like to promote community and responsible tourism with the environment.

Cenote Heart of Paradise It is managed by the local ejidatarios (they are the local owners of the land) and they have not modified the environment, as some owners do. Its regulations favor the preservation of the natural place.

The day I visited it was very tight, 10 minutes from closing. I told them that he was an accredited guide and they let me in to meet him. The photos I took brokered and do not do justice to the cenote. The place made a very good impression on me, certainly on my list to go with clients.

Cenote Heart the Paradise tulum


Tulum is one of the most famous areas of the Riviera Maya. thanks to its long and paradisiacal beaches and hotels by the sea. A natural paradise that welcomes thousands of sun and beach tourists. The Tulum area is an area full of good surprises to explore, something that blends great with the beach. The surrounding cenotes are part of the undeniable charm of Tulum.

Very close to Tulum we can explore some of the most beautiful cenotes in the Riviera Maya area. Cenote Heart of Paradise It is one of the most beautiful for us, and it is not one of the busiest. This topic is appreciated because Tulum is very touristy and it is difficult to find places of tranquility nearby.

We live in the area since 2007, we love cenotes, so we hope to help you on your journey through these lands.

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In the Yucatan Peninsula we find thousands of cenotes. There are several types of cenotes according to their characteristics, we know them as

  • cave cenotes
  • semi-open cenotes
  • open cenotes
  • coastal springs (water eyes)
  • watery

In the Riviera Maya area of ​​the coast, the majority of cenotes that you will find are open. This is obviously not accidental, nature always has an explanation for its processes. In this case, its proximity to the Caribbean Sea is the cause. The salinity of the sea makes the limestone wear process longer.

Of the few cave or semi-cave cenotes that you will see in this area are the Taak Bi Ha, Cenote dos Ojos, Gran Cenote and those in Labnaha Park. The most impressive ones you should go towards the interior of the Peninsula, something that I undoubtedly recommend to really know this area of ​​Mexico.

El Cenote Heart from paradise It is an open cenote, and one of the most beautiful in the Tulum area. You can find other beautiful open cenotes such as Cenote Cristalino Cenote Azul, El Jardín del Edén, Car Wash, Casa Cenote, Cristal, Escondido, Angelita. The truth is that you will not get bored exploring cenotes, the menu is extensive.

Cenote Heart of Paradise


The Corazón cenote is located just 7 kilometers south of Tulum, towards Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The entrance is well signposted on the lane of the area closest to the sea. 

  • GO TO CENOTE CORAZÓN BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT FROM TULUM: You can arrive by combi from Tulum without problems. From the entrance of the road you must walk about 2 more kilometers to the cenote, perhaps slightly less. That is the only detail, so if you are walking take water with you. 2 kilometers is nothing, but the heat is very strong at some times of the year, so bring water and cover yourself from the sun.
  • GO TO CENOTE CORAZÓN BY BIKE FROM TULUM: It is close so it is a good walk. We recommend others Cenotes in Tulum to which you can go by bicycle. Many tourists choose the option of renting a bike in Tulum, it is very common.
how to go to the cenote Tulum heart
Entrance to the Corazon el Paraiso cenote


Since the arrival of the drones, it is easier to access the beautiful views from above. The beautiful bird's eye view shows us the heart shape of the cenote, you will discover the paradise yourself visiting the place. 

Explore the Heart of Paradise cenote in the surroundings of Tulum 1
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El Cenote Heart of Paradise It is managed by people from the ejido, by a local community. It is not one of the best known in the area, so you will surely find fewer people.

  • general admission: 150 pesos per person
  • national: 100 pesos
  • local with Quintana Roo credential: 80 pesos
  • INAPAN national: 80 pesos
  • INAPAN Quintana Roo: 50 pesos
  • children: goes by height, they have a line on the wall. First line 30 pesos, second line 50 pesos.
how to go to the Cenote Corazón del Paraíso


The place is very pleasant to spend the day. Another thing we like very much about the Corazón del Paraíso cenote is being able to observe the typical flora of the Caribbean coast, the palms and the nearby mangrove swamp form a beautiful and characteristic landscape.

There are tables and chairs around the cenote. They offer soft drinks and sodas all year round, as well as chips and cookies. Seasonally (March-April and November to January) they offer meals such as wings, hamburgers and seafood.

The cenote is open from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. daily.

Explore the Heart of Paradise cenote in the surroundings of Tulum 2
Cenote Heart the Paradise
Cenote heart paradise price

As I was left wanting to take a good bath I will return to indulge myself. Bathing in that natural setting is something I don't want to stop doing. You leave renewed after a bath in cenote, highly recommended traveler.


To make it easy for you to explore the cenotes in the area, we made a map of the cenotes of Quintana Roo. You can click the link and search for information on nearby cenotes.

Explore the Heart of Paradise cenote in the surroundings of Tulum 3
Map cenotes Quintana Roo

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