Some of the cenotes we visited are in the courtyards of private homes. This great gruyere cheese from the Yucatan Peninsula has a thousand places to offer, the Chihuan cenote is one of them.

By free from Valladolid to Mérida we found several cenotes that tempt us with their crystalline waters along the way. The hot Peninsula supplies us with cool waters where we can take a dip. Pure life, I assure you

Each cenote is a different world, a new surprise on the way. The Chihuan cenote is in a private house. The family has enabled the cenote for the visitor: this usually means that they have put cement or wooden access stairs in it and have electrified it to light it.

Chihuan Cenote, cool off for free 1
Entrance to the cenote through what was a private house


This map shows the cenotes around Merida. I have lived in the area since 2007 and I am passionate about cenotes. I am updating the information to be up to date.

Enjoy the area, there are incredibly beautiful cenotes.

Los 8 Cenotes near Merida that I would not lose 😉

cenotes merida map
Photo © Google Maps – click on the image to discover the cenotes of Mérida


In this case the Chihuan cenote it enters us through a closed cavity from the patio of the residence to its crystal clear, sweet and fresh waters. A closed but comfortable space for swimming, with some bat and catfish, inhabitants of the place.

It was also used for ceremonies by the ancient Mayans and as a refuge in some times, many stories are those that the Chihuan collects.

There are some ropes so you can hold on and feel more comfortable if you need to. There are many people who do not know how to swim, and most cenotes are open for them.

In the Chihuán cenote divers have another cavity to explore, surely you will not be disappointed.

On the road there are several places to eat chicken, if you want a chicken of exquisite flavor, make a stop on your route for free.

  • CHARACTERISTICS CENOTE CHIHUÁN: the depth goes from 6 to 14 meters. Its diameter is 120 meters of which 40 meters have lighting. Ideal for diving
  • WHAT I LIKE THE MOST: The cenote is beautiful and with few people.
  • WHAT I LIKE LEAST: the cemented entrance and the lighting do not favor the beauty of the cenote. They did not force us to go through the shower, something that should be mandatory in all cenotes.
  • A LITTLE SECRET: Discovery Chanel filmed a documentary titled From the Center of the Earth in the cenote.
Chihuan cenote, Holca, Yucatan


Holcá is a town located 78 kilometers from Mérida, 88 km from Valladolid (1 hour and 20 minutes by car) and 40 km from Chichén Itzá, 40 minutes by car. It's not very close to anywhere, but it's not far either.

It stays on the route of the free highway that connects Mérida with Cancun.

Chihuan Cenote, cool off for free 2
Photo © Google Maps – click on the image to know how to go to the Chihuán cenote
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE CHIHUÁN BY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: you can take a combi, bus or bus that does this route from Valladolid, Piste (where we located Chichén Itzá) or Mérida, it is easy to get to.
  • HOW TO GO TO CENOTE CHIHUÁN BY CAR: from Mérida take the exit towards Cancún or Chichén Itzá. In Kantunil you must take the detour to the town and from there continue to Holcá on the federal 180. Open Google maps to go easily.


The Chihuán cenote is highly recommended for divers. It is also an ideal place for families, due to the shallowness in some of its parts and the easy access.

Chihuan cenote hours

They open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Toh cenote services

  • Bathrooms, showers, changing rooms.
  • Life jackets
  • Lodging
  • Social events

I leave you the contact telephone number +52 988 957 0008

Chihuan cenote price

100 pesos per person

Chihuan cenote, Holca, Yucatan


  • WEAR A MASK: if you wear a visor you can enjoy the clarity of the cenote and see the bottom.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES: I recommend closed shoes so as not to trip on the stairs.
  • CASH: only pay in cash, if you have a small bill better.
  • GO THROUGH THE SHOWER / SHOWER: a good shower before entering the cenotes is essential to avoid contaminating them with chemicals from our body, such as creams, deodorants, soaps, even our sweat.
  • THE SWIMSUIT: of course the swimsuit, and also a towel or pareo to dry yourself. Do not forget a change of clothes to dry after bathing.
  • RESPECT THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: do not scratch the walls, do not do any other idiotic thing that damages the place. Pick up all your garbage, do not eat or drink in the cenotes, do not touch or remove flora or fauna.
mexico cenotes


In addition to all the cenotes that we show you on the Mérida cenotes map, there are other recommendations.

  • Izamal the yellow colonial town that all travelers like is only 35 kilometers away, 40 minutes by car.
  • Chichen Itza Archaeological Zone: 40 kilometers from Chichén Itzá, 45 minutes by car. It is the jewel of Yucatan, one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World.
  • Yaxunah population 50 kilometers away where several experiences await you to learn about contemporary Mayan culture.
  • Acanceh Archaeological Zone another beautiful archaeological zone not so well known just 70 kilometers from the place.

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