Many friends who visit the Yucatan Peninsula stop at CDMX. If you do not know what to do in Mexico City, here we show you the best options for your trip as a couple, family or friends.

Mexico City is very common business travel, but CDMX is a place you can also travel with your partner, go with family or make a trip of friends; the city offers attractions for all types of visitors, and here we will present the best attractions for that unforgettable trip with your partner, those special vacations with your family, and that trip you will always remember at parties with your friends.  

Where is CDMX?

CDMX (Mexico City) is the capital of the country of the same name, located in the center of the republic. A part of the city is in a lacustrine area and surround it by the north, southeast and west sierras, and some volcanoes. It is surrounded by the north, west and west of the state of Mexico, to the south by Morelos.

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Origin of Destiny

CDMX is one of the most important capitals in Latin America, is a business and commercial center, both now and 300 years ago. Its pre-Hispanic past and as it gives of the kingdom of the New Spain left a deep footprint in its streets, for that reason it is known as the city of the palaces. CDMX offers many options for tourism.

The country began to be visited by many foreigners in the 1940s. In the following decades, some hotels, travel agencies and some promotions for tourist centers were developed, as well as roads and highways that connect various destinations in the country. Today in CDMX tourism has hotels, with tourist centers, tours that lead you to them, as well as tourist information for the visitor. Here are some recommendations for activities you can do in Mexico City if you visit it with your family, friends and with your partner.

What to do in CDMX?

Mexico is a cosmopolitan city and offers a wide variety of options for places to visit. Palaces, museums, archaeological centers and shows, you will not get bored and you will want to return. Here we present the best option for your trip.

A basic activity: visit the city center

Whether you travel with friends, your partner or your family, visiting the city center is something you can not stop doing, there you understand why they call it the city of palaces, do not miss it, the Cathedral, El Colegio de San Ildefonso, the mining palace, and the government one, are some places that you will find and that you can visit.

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In the morning it is a good time to explore it, there are always many people. The metropolitan cathedral and the Templo Mayor Museum that is located to one side, are obligatory sites, because there you can become familiar with the city and its history, you will be able to see the remains of the ancient pre-Hispanic city of Tenochtitlán of the great Mexica (Aztec) empire on which the city of the conquerors was built.  

Here we present you with options for your trip as a family, couple and friends.


Bosque de Chapultepec

An activity for the whole family in Mexico City is to go to the Chapultepec forest. Which is an urban park, with an area of ​​678 hectares, divided into three sections. In it you can find the lake, the zoo and museums such as Anthropology and History and the Papalote Children's Museum which is an interactive museum, in which children can play and learn about science, there they will be shown that learning can be very fun.

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They can be inside a giant bubble, their hair will stand up playing with electricity, they will know that they can transform their movements into music, and many other things, there are also activities for children from 2 to 5 years and as a family. Visit his website.

Theatre for kids

CDMX offers a large billboard of cultural activities for children, such as The Seven Fine Arts for Children, a UNAM initiative to bring children closer to culture and art. The National Institute of Fine Arts, and the National Philharmonic Orchestra, have also thought about it and offer plays and music for children. Everyone will have fun as dwarves, look for the event board when you visit the city.


The Castle of Chapultepec

The Chapultepec forest, as mentioned, has three sections. In the highest part of the forest, the Chapultepec hill a castle was built as a summer home for the viceroy of New Spain (Mexico), it is a really beautiful site in front of the lake, which is now a museum. You can watch the sunset from its terrace, surrounded by pine trees or in front of the lake, you will see that it can also be a very romantic place.

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Walk along Av. Reforma

After walking around Chapultepec, you can walk at night on the av. Reform and admire the illuminated monuments with your partner can be a nice experience. Surely you will find a very rich place to dine at one of the restaurants that is there and have a nice time.


You can take a walk through the most important points of the city in the Turibus CDMX, with your partner it will be a nice experience you can go down in some places and go back up. It is an option also to go with friends

Enjoy some show in the city

An activity that you can do with your partner and that you should not stop doing is to make yourself handsome and go to see a show. In the Palace of Fine Arts, which in addition to being one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, with an architecture that combines art nouveau and Art deco; It is the house of art.

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Enjoy a show of dance, opera or music of the highest level, remember that it was and is the scene of great artists like Placido Domingo and Maria Callas. In addition, the CDMX has many theaters and offers a variety of shows, reviews the theater billboard in CDMX cheer up to live the experience of a cosmopolitan city, the best company you already have.

The Latin American Tower

If you decide to go to the Palace of Fine Arts, you can go to the Latin American Tower that is one block away, in it you can go up to the viewpoint and appreciate the largest city in the world, from the highest tower in Latin America, you will see that they will have the best picture there.

Balloon ride

Celebrate your anniversary or a wedding trip with a balloon ride over Teotihuacán, it will be incredibly special.


Colonia Roma, the Countess and San Ángel

These three colonies are the trendy areas in the city. They were colony that developed between the nineteenth and twentieth century, they were built beautiful mansions of art noveau style, art deco and neocolonial. Many have been rescued and made restaurants, bars, shops and galleries allowing us to visit them and appreciate their architecture that make us feel that we travel in time.

Touring its streets you will find places like the House of the Witch that combines several styles, French its first floor, English the second and has a German style turret, it is very beautiful. No doubt you will have fun walking, eating and drinking with your friends.


It is an activity that you must do, you can book a tur that includes food and tasting of mezcal, leaves at eight in the morning in front of the National Auditorium, which stops at various points in the city and takes you to the ruins of Teotihuacán, the city ​​of the Gods.

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How to get to Mexico City?

Mexico City has an international airport called Benito Juarez, receives flights from the United States, Canada, and from several points in South America, Europe and Asia. It also receives domestic flights.

Another option to get to Mexico City is by bus, with three bus terminals in the North, the ETN in the west of the city, and the Central del Sur. There is also the option to arrive by car, road or highway.  

The climate in CDMX  

The climate in the CDMX is mild, usually cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. An average of 27 ° with a minimum of 13 ° in the hottest months of April and May, while in the coldest months of December and January the maximum is 22 ° and the minimum of 6 °.

The best time to visit CDMX is spring March, April May, because the weather is warm, with clear skies. December is the most affluent season of tourism. It also has many visitors during the summer in July, but if you plan to visit it during that season, do not forget your umbrella, because the rains come from July to September.

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