Belize is made up of hundreds of caves, holes, wells, underground rivers, caverns ... limestone causes these formations. Barton Creek caves are covered by canoe.

The limestone that forms the soil of Belize It is very moldable by the rains. The water has been weaving a beautiful map in the bowels of the country. You can visit caves As spectacular as the famous ATM or the famous Blue Hole in the Caribbean, do tubing and canyoning, canoeing in underground rivers, rappelling and caving…. endless possibilities, an authentic festival of nature in this gruyère cheese.

Sandra Salvadó

In the beautiful district of Cayo we find the Barton Creek Caves. These caves you can not visit on your own, in fact, most of the caves in the country must visit them with specialized guides. In the case of Barton Creek, with guide and canoe. Here an adventure awaits you through an underground river with galleries of 800 meters from the roof.

Sandra Salvadó

Barton Creek You can go canoeing, an underground river takes you inside the cave. The narrow entrance mouth pauses you as you cross it ... we enter the Mayan Underworld, respect is imposed. The Maya has used the caves throughout its history for initiation rites and ceremonies. In his worldview the underworld is represented in nature by these caves or the cenotes in the north of the Yucatan Peninsula. Evidence of ceremonies has been found at Barton Creek. At present, the Maya continues with its rites in caves.

Sandra Salvadó
Sandra Salvadó

Going through these caves is a joy, a different experience. The dirt road that leads you to the parking lot of the Barton Creek, it will make you cross the rivers that cross the dense jungle. Easy to cross these dirt roads with the curious Mennonites and their lifestyle, circulating on the road. The road itself already smells like adventure.

Barton Creek Cave, Belize
Sandra Salvadó

You must pay the state entrance because it is an archaeological site, and there you can rent the guide and canoe services. I never imagined going through a cave in a canoe to 800 meters under roof, some galleries that make you enjoy a journey through depths where we rarely peek. In Barton Creek You have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Mayan underworld.

LOCATION: Barton Creek caves is located on the San Ignacio road (at 45 minutes from Barton Creek) to Belmopan. At the height of Georgeville you turn towards Mountain Pine Ridge. From here Barton Creek is at 6.5 kilometers by dirt road.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: from 8 to 17 daily hours. There are services at the entrance and the owner who manages the canoes has lodging and a restaurant near the parking lot.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Unfortunately, public transport does not arrive. The tourist agencies offer excursions. If you arrive in your own car remember that the road can get ugly with rain. Lots of mud and the mighty river.
WHAT TO BRING?Light and light clothing, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes better to climb the pyramid and some water always goes well.

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