In Mérida there is one of the corners that every Mayista wants to visit: the Catherwood House Museum. 25 lithographs are shown here original of this adventurous 19th century explorer.

Mérida is the shelter of excellent museums and exhibitions on Mayan culture and civilization. One of the must-see visits for any lover of the Mayan civilization is the Frederick Catherwood House Museum.

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8 Art Print: Uxmal, general panorama

The Catherwood House Museum in Mérida

Catherwood He is one of the most important Mayan characters in history. His delicious lithographs of ancient Mayan cities drew worldwide attention to this civilization. It has been over 170 years since it was published, and today it continues to be a treasure for many of us.

Much of the original work of Catherwood it was burned in 1842 in the New York building where his paintings and drawings were exhibited. The 25 lithographs of etchings that we can see in the Catherwood House Museum de Mérida belong to your book Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan (1844)

These 25 lithographs 300 is part of the original copies made for marketing, now distributed in private collections and museums, which were in print for the book mentioned.

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You have a written explanation of each lithograph.

After acquiring them at auction, the owner of this collection opened the Catherwood House Museum in 2007. They are the only Catherwood originals that we can contemplate in Mexico.

The two small and simple rooms where the 25 lithographs are shown are located on the second floor of a beautiful colonial building in Mérida. The lower part of the building is occupied by the store and a cozy restaurant.

catherwood house museum

Everyone in this life gets excited and passionate about different things. For me, being able to contemplate Catherwood's lithographs was a gift, something wonderful. 

catherwood museum

Price and opening hours Catherwood House Museum

Currently the Catherwood House Museum It is managed by a family member of the collector, a good connoisseur of the Mayan world, with whom I had the pleasure of talking. This place is a playground, I hope you enjoy it.

LOCATION: 59 street number 572, between 72 and 74. Close to the church of Santiago.
SCHEDULE: Monday to Saturday from 9 to 14 hours and from 17 to 21. Sometimes it is relaxed at times, try to get closer after the right time to open.
PRICE ENTRY: 50 mxn.
CONTACT: Development Official of the Catherwood House Museum.

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