Casa Italia is the highly recommended Italian restaurant in Valladolid, with a Mediterranean flavor in Yucatan. A coquettish Italian space located in one of the best squares of the colonial city, great ristorante.

I really wanted to go to the restaurant Home Italy on the recommendation of several friends whom I consider to be good to eat. When I arrived in Yucatan I used to opt for Yucatecan food, but after spending several days in Valladolid the last time, I knew that this time I was going.

Casa Italia, Valladolid

A success to go to Home Italy, the pizza just great. I can not talk about other dishes, just the delicious chocolate gelato that I tried, another success. For other friends I know that the good Italian cuisine at Casa Italia goes beyond the pizzas. I was eager to go back and try other delights, and repeat pizza if there is a gap ...

Casa Italia, Valladolid

The Casa Italia restaurant It works from 2007, run by a nice and friendly Italian couple. It is located in the Park of the Candelaria in an old colonial building, one of the most beautiful parks in Valladolid. The space of the restaurant, the interior and the cozy interior terrace, breathes art, Italy and good taste. The environment accompanies to savor with more taste the delicious Italian food.

Casa Italia, Valladolid

The menu is shown on a blackboard, a detail that makes you talk with the waiter about the dishes to be tasted. Its good service and tasty food makes it one of my favorites in Valladolid, despite my decline for Yucatecan food, this Italy is worth it.

Enjoy your meal,

Casa Italia, Valladolid

LOCATION: in the Candelaria Park of Valladolid, on 35 street.

SPECIALTY: Italian food.

SCHEDULES and MEDIUM PRICE: from Tuesday to Saturday from 19 to 23 hours. 200 mxn per person (without alcoholic beverages).

PARKING LOT It does not have, there is place on the street to park without problems.

CONTACT: restaurant website Home Italy

Casa Italia, exquisite Italy in Valladolid 1
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