The Cancun beaches they have the postcard colors: turquoise trapped under the blue sky framed in white sand. Beauty that caresses the soul, a destination full of light and blue. What beach are we going to?

I have been able to enjoy for years the Cancun beaches, a priceless air window in the more than 10 years that I have lived there. An escape to relax, swim, meet friends, sail and practice water sports or go for a relaxing ride. The Caribbean gives me peace, I enjoy it very much, so we know good places to show you.

The beaches in Cancun host many visitors in search of puffs of relaxation, we will see how to go and which ones I should visit.

Hopefully our experience will serve you as locals for your trip, we live from the 2007 here

cancun beaches


Cancun has different publicly accessible beaches where you can enjoy the destination even if you are not in an all-inclusive beachfront hotel. The zona hotelera Cancun occupies the most beautiful coastal strip in front of the sea of ​​about 24 kilometers. There are public accesses to the beaches, and all have visitor services.

At the beach you can go with your cooler (fridge) and bring food, BUT be polite and collect the garbage you generate. In Mexico, we lack a lot of education in this area, and tourists, who are passing through, sometimes do not take care of the place as they should due to neglect and also due to lack of education. If you see someone throw trash, it's okay to tell them from respect, the public space belongs to everyone, it's about improving together.

You should know that you can walk the entire marine strip without anyone being able to prevent it despite passing in front of hotels and private residences. You can not lie down and occupy the hammock (bunk) in a hotel, but you can walk the entire coast to be federal property, of all, can not be privatized by law (we know about the deceitfulness of the laws, but that is our right) .

Something basic that you should take into account when choosing playaS in Cancun It is if you like a sea that is more open or more calm. The zona hotelera It has two marked coasts, where the currents and the sea are very different, that will be our division.

Cancun beaches map
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In the first kilometers you find up 6 accesses to the public beach in this very soft swell, from Mar Plata, ideal to go with children. They are smaller beaches that fill up faster. Its location in front of Isla Mujeres protects them from the waves and the surf of the open sea, that's why its sea is calmer.

  1. LAS PERLAS BEACH: ideal beach to go with children through the small recreational park, its calm waters and the services of lounge chairs and palapa. It has public parking, without payment. It is at kilometer 2,5 of the zona hotelera. Beachs Cancun The pearls
  2. BEAUTIFUL BEACH: It is the typical beach that was previously public access and now it is more difficult to access because the hotels occupied everything and put the elbows. But it can be accessed, although it is not the most optimal according to my assessment. It is at kilometer 4 of the zona hotelera, next to the Calinda bridge. You can look at the Cancun Beaches Linda
  3. PLAYA LANGOSTA: The ideal beach for families and those of us who like tranquility and space, being a little bigger than the rest in this area. It has public parking, without payment. It is at kilometer 2,5 of the zona hotelera. It is at kilometer 5 of the zona hotelera. Beachs Cancun Lobster
  4. PEZ FLYING BEACH: This beach is not indicated, the locals know it as Flying Fish. It is right in the return of the great flag on the 5,5 Km. There is no parking or services, but there is space to park if you go early. Beachs Cancun Flying fish
  5.  PLAYA TORTUGA: From here you take the ferry to Isla Mujeres and on this stretch of beach there are good restaurants and bars of 2 × 1 margaritas, beers and whatever it takes. If you move away a little you find your corner where to install and enjoy the sea with the bars nearby in case something seems like it. It is at kilometer 6,5 of the zona hotelera.
  6. PLAYA CARACOL: It looks like Tortuga beach because it has access to the ferry to Isla Mujeres and services from very close bars and restaurants, such as the Plaza Caracol shopping center. The beach almost disappeared, but it is a good access to see the sea and go for a walk. It is not indicated, there is a Xcaret booth. It is at kilometer 85 of the zona hotelera. Beachs Cancun Snail
playa publica cancun
Soft wave stretch in Cancun


  1. GAVIOTA BEACH: The swell here is moderate, it has no services but it is close to all the sarao and the Cancun scene, near the most central square where we find the Coco Bongo. It does not have its own parking or services, but there are restaurants on the coastline and they offer lounge chairs. It is at kilometer 9,5 of the zona hotelera.
  2. CHAC MOOL BEACH: a wide and beautiful beach with the hotels on the beach and the most fun waves. They offer parasol and hammock rental services, football matches are usually held taking advantage of the width of the beach. Oh, and here the turtles come to spawn, this is really cool. It is at kilometer 10 of the zona hotelera. Beaches Cancun Cach Mool
  3. PLAYA MARLIN: a few kilometers from Chac Mool beach, it is a similar beach with characteristics. Very close to the Kukulcán shopping center. If the landscape varies, it is more because of the hotel environment facing the sea than because of the sea. Here, the turtles also come to spawn every year, in fact on this entire strip. It is at kilometer 13 of the zona hotelera. Cancun Marlin Beaches
  4. BEACH BALLENAS: the only beach that I have not been to in Cancun, but for photos and location I know it's like the rest, so you'll see surfers taking advantage of the fun swell that is given by this area of ​​the Caribbean Sea. There is a sign, but small so you have a quick time, look attentive. It is at kilometer 14 of the zona hotelera, for reference the hotel Meridien.
  5. PLAYA DELFINES: the beach where we find the famous viewpoint and the colorful letters of Cancun, where turtles also arrive and there are hatcheries in season. Almost in front of the El Rey archaeological zone. There is public parking, but it fills up fast, like everyone else in the area. It is at kilometer 18 of the zona hotelera. Cancun Dolphin Beaches
best beaches cancun
Strong swell section in Cancun


  1. NIZUC BEACH: I could not fail to recommend this beach where there is access to pets, a space for us to take advantage of the precious sea, so difficult to enjoy with our dogs. It is at kilometer 27 of the zona hotelera. Beaches Cancun Nizuc
  2. PLAYA DEL NIÑO: The most local beach with a Mexican atmosphere, is in the fishing district of Puerto Juárez. A place where we lived for 3 years, and we took advantage of the sea like never before. If you like authentic local places, stop by this beach, near the Isla Mujeres ferry. Cancun Kids Beaches
best beaches cancun
Playa Niños, in Puerto Juarez


  1. NORTH BEACH IN ISLA MUJERES: It is the beach par excellence in the area of ​​Cancun, a beach that has emerged on several lists of the best in the world. Its crystal clear waters and gentle waves make it a natural pool. You have all the services on this beach. North Beach
  2. WHITE ISLAND: It is the northern tip of Cancun, a stretch of wild beaches that has been gaining shape for those who practice water sports such as windsurfing to those who love nature. A getaway that is worth it. White Island
northern beach


It is much easier than you can imagine practicing water sports on the beaches of Cancun. You are in one of the mecca of sun and beach tourism, here there is everything for the tourist. Whether in your own hotel, on the street, on the beach itself, there are hundreds of information points and sales of activities throughout the area, whatever you want you ask.

We have just seen that there are two distinct zones of soft and moderate or strong waves. These two areas that favor one or the other sports, for example kayaking or windsurfing are located in the soft wave area. There is also the Nichupté Lagoon, where water sports such as paddle board, kayaking, wake, boat rides are practiced.

Whatever you want, Cancun offers almost every imaginable service on this topic, for beginners and professionals. Enjoy traveler 🙂

practice water sports cancun


Cancun city and the zona hotelera they are well connected. The zona hotelera Only a two-lane road runs in each direction, that simple. From this road of 27 kilometers with a comfortable entrance from the airport and departure to the city of Cancun. La zona hotelera It is communicated by urban transport with 3 buses: the 1 route, the 2 and the 27. PRICE OF THE URBAN TICKET: 12 pesos per passenger, children pay from I do not know what age (this information I owe you). There is a stop every kilometer or less, they are followed. The driver helps you if you don't know where to get off.


  • The R-1 the whole world zona hotelera from Cancun with Puerto Juárez, the neighborhood from where the ferry leaves to Isla Mujeres. It is the neighborhood of Playa del Niño and good restaurants to eat seafood and fish, such as La Mar Bella restaurant.
  • The R-2 the whole world zona hotelera of Cancun with the 28 market, souvenir shopping area in Cancun, where you find everything and something cheaper than in zona hotelera. It is also close to the supermarket Wall Mart, American chain, where some take advantage to buy.
  • The R-27 connects zona hotelera of Cancun with the Plaza de las Américas, a shopping center in Cancun where you can find services such as buying ADO tickets (local bus company), tickets to theme parks and excursions, exchange offices and phone cards, ATMs. A useful and practical shopping center if you need anything for your trip. There are some VIP cinemas that are an enjoyment to watch movies.


Taxi drivers in Cancun charge per tranche and rates are regulated. So the zona hotelera It is divided by sections, further more, more routes you pay more. Taxi drivers should take them in the vehicle with the rates in case you want to order them. I will guide you with the prices to make travel safer. To Las Perlas beach a taxi should cost from Cancun downtown on the 150 pesos, to 200 pesos lobster beach, 230 Chac Mool beach and if you were to Delfines beach on the 290 pesos. 4 people enter each unit, the money is per unit.


The road that runs through zona hotelera, Boulevard de Kukulcán, has two lanes per address. There are good indications, unfortunately sometimes there is a hole in the pavement. If you go in your own car just remember to come early because the beaches with parking are full, to the 10 and take a Sunday on beaches like Pez Volador or Chac Mool, smaller parking.


Cancun is one of the maritime fronts where more turtles arrive to spawn, in spite of all the physical obstacles that they have in this so constructed area. For me it was a big surprise about the turtles in Cancun, something you can not miss if you travel during the spawning season. I link the information about the turtles.

When to release and watch spawn turtles in Cancun



If you are looking for excursions in the area I leave the options of GUET YOUR GUIDE an agency that sells through the internet: they have good proposals like the best-selling catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres o the tour by speedboat through the lagoon.

If you are going to spend several days in Cancun, you may want to see the wide offer they have of excursions. The good thing about buying with them allows you to cancel up to 24 hours and schedule your vacations without wasting time when you are here visiting agencies. Any questions I will be happy to support you, I have visited most of the places and I have done many of the excursions. The good thing is that you have a good time and choose to your liking.


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