The capital of the state of Campeche looks and tastes beautiful among so many attractions that the Yucatan Peninsula has. It is a unique place and the traveler enjoys strolling and discovering the beautiful San Francisco de Campeche on his way.

San Francisco de Campeche
was appointed Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1999 by UNESCO. Within the set of Yucatan Peninsula, surely it is the most beautiful city at an urban level. Encircled by the old wall and open in these times to the relaxed boardwalk, enjoy a wonderful and cozy cobblestone historic center, colonial houses painted in picturesque colors and quiet environment. A real pleasure to walk Campeche.


La old wall It is the footprint in the form of rocky protection to the attacks of pirates, most of them English. One of the treasures that came to seek was the dye stick, there is always some gold what to plunder. The palo de dinte or palo de Campeche is a tree whose wood the Maya extracted natural dye black and blue (ek ' in Yucatec Maya). This dye color was very difficult to achieve, they had to process many materials to achieve it, so it was of great value in Europe. The dye stick en Campeche was gold that relaunched the economy of the area (of a few, of course, the others worked for them). As was the henequen el green gold and the engine of the economy in Yucatan.

Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico
Campeche, Yucatan, Mexico

As in most cities, the central square collects the beat of the population. In Campeche, its pretty and moved Constitution Square, is surrounded by Cathedral of Campeche and a restaurant where you can enjoy the views. In the Plaza there is always life, an act, an event, or just enjoy the everyday, the environment.


The champion has a personality of its own within the whole of the Peninsula. Several times we have commented among friends that arriving in Campeche is breathing differently, the atmosphere is more open. It is a Mayan zone with a different touch of flavor.

Visiting the city and its surroundings is certain in your way. There are two good Mayan-themed museums (Museum of Maya Architecture y Archeology Museum), restaurants where you can taste the typical regional food, churches, exhibitions, you can walk through the wall and the boardwalk. Campeche is small and comfortable, easy and attractive, it enamors the traveler, it is one of those cities that one retains. With always desire to return to visit it.

Campeche, towns

LOCATION: San Francisco de Campeche is located in the state of Campeche, to 173 km south of Mérida.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Campeche is well connected, public transport from Mérida (2 h 30 "), Villahermosa, Palenque, Cancun ... Official Web of the main bus company that operates in the area.
ACCOMMODATION: You find all types of lodging.

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