It is important to choose well and know the Calakmul hotels To visit the archeological zone. We will see the alternatives to choose the best hotels in Calakmul.

We arrived to live in the Yucatan Peninsula in the 2007, and I arrived with a crazy desire to visit Calakmul. Maybe it is not well known to the general public, but it is an open secret that is an unmissable place for travelers.

I have been fortunate to visit it several times, and as a curious thing I have stayed in different places, I like to try. I hope our experience will serve you on your way.

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Calakmul is located between Chetumal and Escárcega, the entrance is located in Conhuás, on the federal highway 186 that unites these populations. By Calakmul we understand two things: one is the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve and the other is the archeological zone of Calakmul.

  • La Calakmul Biosphere Reserve It occupies an area of ​​723 thousand hectares and is considered the second largest extension of tropical forests in America, after the Amazon.
  • La archeological zone of Calakmul It is located within the Reserve, and it is reached by a narrow and paved road that covers 61 kilometers within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.

The entrance to the archaeological zone of Calakmul is located in the town of Conhuás.

  • From the entrance of Conhuás to the archeological zone of Calakmul are 61 kilometers, a stretch that takes approximately one and a half hours. It is a narrow road where you can not drive fast to cross the Reserve, you must go in sections less than 30 per hour because of the danger of wildlife crossing, from ocellated turkeys to mammals like the coati, jaguar, skunks.
  • The largest population near the entrance is Xpujil, at 58 kilometers from the entrance of the Reserve. This section represents 45 minutes by car.


The main population in the area is Xpuhil.

Xpuhil Public transport arrives from Escárcega (2 hours), Chetumal (1'40 ”h) and Campeche (4'30 ″ h).  From Chetumal in ADO you have several options of morning and afternoon schedules, the bus makes the journey in 1 hour 45 minutes. From Bacalar You can also go but the schedules are very bad, arriving in the early morning at Xpujil, so you better get there from Chetumal. From Campeche A bus leaves at 14 hours, which takes 4 hours and a half to Xpujil.

There is no public transport to the archaeological zone of Calakmul. The options are taxi, agency or private vehicle. Taxi can take it from Xpujil or from Conhuás, town where the entrance to Calakmul is located.


We have already located in Calakmul, now we are going to locate the hotels that you will find near Calakmul. Visiting the archaeological zone of Calakmul takes up a whole day practically, my recommendation is to be a couple of days in the area, there is much to see, much.

Conhuás belongs to the state of Campeche and is located on the federal highway 186 that connects Escárcega with Chetumal, capital of the state of Quintana Roo. Conhuás in a very small town, the largest population near the entrance is Xpujil, 58 kilometers from the entrance.

In Xpujil is where there are more accommodations, also in the section from Conhuás to Xpujil there are several hotels on the road.

In Xpujil there is an ATM (ATM) in case you want to withdraw money.

We divided the area by zones and I explain them to you, both the hotels and the areas, so it will be easier for you.


The great advantage of being inside the Reserve is that the entrance located in Conhuás opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 6 in the afternoon. If you are inside you do not have schedules to be in the Reserve, and you can take advantage of the sunrise and sunset to wake up with the wildlife. It is the best opportunity you have to enjoy the place in tranquility. 

The lodgings do own trails to travel, taking advantage of its location within the Reserve. If adventure is your thing, it is possible that in the town of Conhuás you will find villagers who rent a very rustic cabin within the Reserve too, we did so once.

HOTEL PUERTA CALAKMUL: the best hotel in the area, the luxury, from 180 usd the room HOTEL DESCRIPTION: rooms / villas with air conditioning, fan, bathroom SERVICES: restaurant and bar, WIFI and trails Personal opinion: the best thing is its location and the accommodation itself.

Hotel Puerta Calakmul

YAAX'CHE CAMP: a camp surrounded by nature HOTEL DESCRIPTION: tent huts with mattress in the jungle SERVICES: They offer breakfast, there is a small kitchen. There is no light Personal opinion: they have something neglected, but the environment is unique, a privilege

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On the stretch of the 186 road between Conhuás and Xpujil there are several options to stay, close to other archeological areas such as Becán or Chicanná.

Most of these hotels also offer guide services to the archaeological site and can prepare a picnic with a sandwich and drinks for Calakmul. These hotels are ideal if you drive, have good services and sleep in natural environments.

HOTEL CHICANNÁ ECOVILLAGE RESORT: one of the classics of the area that has been operating in the area for years HOTEL DESCRIPTION: cabins with air conditioning, fan, private bathroom SERVICES: restaurant, WIFI, pool and trails The best: its location in a natural environment very close to Chicanná and Becán

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HOTEL CASA MAYA CALAKMUL: of the most wanted, I recommend you book in advance HOTEL DESCRIPTION: rooms with air conditioning, some with terrace, fan, private bathroom SERVICES: restaurant, shared kitchen, WIFI, bicycles and trails The best: its location in a natural environment and the accommodation itself, in addition to the attention

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HOTEL OTOCH BÉEK: more than correct rooms with good value for money HOTEL DESCRIPTION: rooms with air conditioning, tv and private bathroom SERVICES: restaurant, WIFI, pool and trails The best: its location in a spacious garden and care environment

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CASA KA'AN: another delos hotels with better rating in the area  HOTEL DESCRIPTION: 4 cabins with fan and private bathroom SERVICES: restaurant, WIFI and trails The best: its location in a natural environment and the treatment of the owners. Good breakfast

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Xpujil is the largest population near the entrance to the Reserve, 58 kilometers, 45 minutes from the entrance of Conhuás to the Reserve. It is a functional population with several local food places, the archaeological zone of Xpujil at the exit of the town, taxi service, bus stop ADO to Chetumal and Escárcega, and combis that run through the area.

You have an ATM to get money. Here you find the cheapest hotels, ideal if you travel by public transport too. Places like him Hotel Mirador Maya, Hotel Chaac Calakmulplatforms, Hotel Becán or Chaac Calakmul Cabins, are some of the various options in Xpujil. I leave you the Xpujil offers search engine.


Zoh Laguna is a small and beautiful town, different in the area. This population, just 10 kilometers from Xpujil, offers accommodation. It was an old logging camp inhabited by Poles, as they explained to me. The wooden houses give a warm and beautiful touch, there is also a lagoon where you can enjoy nature. I really liked this place for its different touch.

HOSTEL AND CABINS ZOH LAGUNA: It is located in the town of Zoh Laguna and is a great option in a different place. HOTEL DESCRIPTION: rooms with air conditioning, fan, cable TV and bedrooms to share SERVICES: restaurant, WIFI and outdoor pool The best: very good value for money, and the town Zoh Laguna

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VALENTIN NATURAL: It is not located in the town Zoh Laguna but I include it in this section. I liked it, well looked after HOTEL DESCRIPTION: campaign huts with mattress to try something different than usual SERVICES: shared bathroom and garden The best: total disconnection, it is really appreciated. Here you can connect with you 🙂

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Remember that if reservations through the blog it is not more expensive, you benefit equally from the offers, and it is a way of support my work when receiving a commission.

Hotels in Calakmul, what accommodation suits me in the area? 1

Most Calakmul hotels offer Tour services to the Reserve and archaeological zones for those travelers who arrive without a car. You can also agree on a price with Xpuhil taxi drivers, your stop is on the main road that crosses the town.

I think it is worth being at least a couple of days in this area, in addition to much to see is an area where you can enjoy a jungle and nature environment, which relaxes the head.

Good way,

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