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Calakmul is a wonderful pre-Hispanic city located in the heart of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. This hidden place gives you the perfect adventure on your trip.

In the little visited south of the Yucatan Peninsula We found many incredible Mayan cities waiting to be awakened from their unjust oblivion. The most impressive of all is Calakmul: this city combines many good things for the curious traveler and nature lover, it is extraordinary Calakmul, a magnificent complex.

If Calakmul were close to Riviera Maya it would be full of tourists, it would be the great jewel of the place.

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archeological zone calakmul campeche

How to get to Calakmul:

The entrance is on the road between Escárcega and Chetumal, at the height of the small town of Conhuás, at kilometer 98. Here is the barrier and the ticket office for access to the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. We have about 60 kilometers inland jungle along a narrow paved road that leads us to the entrance to the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul.

This road crosses through the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, which next to the archaeological zone, was a place declared Mixed Heritage by Unesco in 2002.

I recommend you to walk the road very early, when dawn rises. This way you will do it only in the company of the animals that are waking up with the day. Get this gift, the door to the Reserve opens to the 6 in the morning.


  • Ejidatarios Conhuás: 100 pesos per vehicle to the ejidatarios of Conhuás
  • Calakmul Biosphere Reserve: 56 pesos per person
  • Calakmul archaeological site: 70 pesos per person
Calakmul Biosphere Reserve
calakmul fauna
Spider monkey
Calakmul Stelae

Fauna in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve:

The archaeological zone of Calakmul is located within the fantastic natural environment that forms the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, where monkeys are the current inhabitants of these ancient stones, as if you lived your own Jungle Book.

They have skunks, capybaras, toucans, pheasants, turkeys, anteaters. This jungle is so alive that it is where more presence of jaguars and pumas is collected. Walking among these stones is fascinating, the infinite sounds of the jungle they are the unbeatable soundtrack that nature gives us. Watch for the animals that you can see in the archeological zone, you won't want to miss them.

toucan calakmul
calakmul monkeys

Tips on how to visit Calakmul

The enormous enclosure occupied by Calakmul is to lose yourself for hours feeling like an explorer. There is two routes marked to visit the area, the long and the short. You are in Calakmul, do the long.

A long journey through Calakmul can take you about 4 hours. Think a minimum of two hours in the enclosure, between climbing the structures and walking among nature, time flies by. You are in one of the great Mayan cities, enjoy your day.

Although the site is huge, it is well marked, so do not be afraid to get lost. Calakmul and surroundings perfectly can occupy you the whole day.

From Bacalar they make this day trip to Calakmul

If you enter the Reserve early it is easier to see animals on the way. In the easy archeological zone you are from 3 to 4 hours, in fact it is to stay all day. The return path that crosses the 60 kilometers of the Biosphere gives you the opportunity to see animals and travel some of their interpretive trails.

You can combine it with Balamkú if you arrive on time and do not get caught in the magic of Calakmul 😉

The volcano of the bats is the perfect combination at sunset

archeological zone calakmul campeche
calakmul ruins
calakmul campeche

Each Mayan cities that have been investigated, have contributed more or less information to the great puzzle of the Mayan civilization that continues to be elaborated In Calakmul more than one hundred were found stelae, which have left a lot of information about this city and historical events.

What do the stelae? The Mayas elaborated the steles to commemorate important dates and events, there they wrote down with their writing and images what happened, such as deaths of important warriors, victories over other cities, rises to power. His stories told about the stones, the voices of power.

Calakmul archaeological site, Yucatan, Mexico.

From the three large pyramidal structures to which you can climb you can enjoy the landscapes offered by the divine heights. The Great Pyramid of 55 meters, and a second pyramid of 42 meters in height

How to get to Calakmul, the jewel of Campeche 1
calakmul campeche
calakmul ruins
archeological zone calakmul campeche

The powerful Kan lineage that ruled Calakmul He led the city to be a fierce rival of the powerful Tikal. Today Tikal beats him in interest within the tourist map, as does Palenque.

Calakmul archeological zone

Where to stay to visit Calakmul?

The entrance to Calakmul It is on the road between Chetumal and Escárcega, at the height of the town of Conhuás. The nearest large population is Xpuhil, which is about 40 kilometers, where there are several options. For years, this area has been developing, now there are several accommodations to choose from, many of them economical.

INSIDE THE BIOSPHERE CALAKMUL RESERVE: The advantage of being inside the Reserve is that the entrance to the Reserve opens it to the 6 in the morning and closes to the 6 in the afternoon, so if you are inside you do not have schedules to be in the Reserve. Several lodgings with own trails to travel, taking advantage of its location within the Reserve.

For high budgets is the Hotel Puerta Calakmul

El Camp Yaax'che and some very rustic cabin that the inhabitants of Conhuás offer

CLOSE TO THE ENTRY OF CONHUAS: On the 186 road between Conhuás and Xpuhil there are several options to stay. The entrance opens to the general public at 6 in the morning.

Hotels like Hotel Casa Maya Calakmul, Chicanna Ecovillage Resort, the Ka'an House They offer good services and location.

XPUHIL: This is the largest population near the entrance to the Reserve, only 55 kilometers, 35 minutes from the barrier to the Reserve. Here the local offer is varied, sure you find your ideal accommodation.

Places like Hotel Mirador Maya, Hotel Chaac Calakmul, the Hotel Becán, El Ecohabitat or Chaac Calakmul Cabins, and the more campers Cabins and Hostal Zoh Laguna or the Natural Valentin

Most hotels offer Tour services to the Reserve and archaeological zones for those travelers who arrive without a car. You can also agree price with the Xpuhil taxi drivers, your stop is on the main road that crosses the town.

Complete guide of Calakmul hotels by areas and how to get there

The accommodations that I have recommended to you I know them. I leave a link for you to see the Accommodation deals in Calakmul and vicinity.

sandra salvado

What else to do in this area?

ARCHAEOLOGICAL ZONES: As I said in this area there are interesting archaeological sites, many of them in the surroundings of Calakmul, which are not open to the public. You can feast on archeological zones: Río Bec, Chicanná, Xpuhil, Balamkú, Nadzca'an, Becán, Hormiguero in Campeche, and Kohunlich, Dzibanché or Kinichná in Quintana Roo.


VOLCANO DE LOS MURCIÉLAGOS: Another of the nearby gifts in this area with which you can round your day, is the cave or volcano of the bats, where you will see thousands of bats come out at sunset. There really is a whole environment to discover, if you are one of the adventurers you will like it.

Calakmul It is a great gift on your trip, one of the most impressive Mayan cities of all time. Without a doubt, it is one of our must-see places to visit in the Yucatan Peninsula.

How to get to Calakmul, the jewel of Campeche 2

Calakmul, archaeological site

LOCATION: on the 186 road that links Chetumal and Escárcega. The entrance to the archaeological zone of Calakmul is located in the town of Conhuás, from here there is 60 km to the access to the ruins.
PRICE ENTRY: There are two payments, access to the archaeological site of 70 mxn and the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. You pay for vehicle 100 mxn and 56 mxn per person. On Sundays the INAH entrance is free for Mexicans and residents. Access to archaeological sites is free every day for children under 13 years, students, teachers and senior citizens with valid credentials.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: the access entrance to the Biosphere Reserve, which is located in Conhuás, opens to the 6 in the morning. The archaeological zone opens from 8 to 17 daily hours. On Sundays it is free for the national and residents with official identification. They do not sell drinks or food inside. There are services at the entrance. There is a museum halfway on archeology and the natural environment. Schedules from Tuesday to Sunday of 8: 30 to 17: 00 hours.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Unfortunately there is no public transport to the archaeological zone. The options are taxi, agency or private vehicle. Xpuhil reaches public transport from Escárcega (2 hours), Chetumal (1'40 »h) and Campeche (4'30 ″ h). Conhuas arrives colectico from Xpuhil.
WHAT MORE TO SEE IN THE AREA ?: la cave of bats. It is located on the road about 8 km towards Xpuhil. Sometimes it is closed and not well marked. The exit of the bats, at twilight, of course. 4 km from Conhuás is the archaeological zone of Balamkú and 12 km from Nadzcaan. On the same road you can visit other Mayan cities.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothes, hat, insect repellent, closed shoes (you are in the jungle and there are many bugs, protect yourself), water and something to eat if you plan to spend the whole day.
TIPS: It has a full gas tank, no gas stations on the road.
Un virtual tour of the INAH by Calakmul.

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How to get to Calakmul, the jewel of Campeche 3
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