Ek Balam is one of the Mayan settlements pioneer in receiving visitors. Cabañas Uh Najil is a rural lodging run by several families of the town, where they offer different activities.

Ek Balam is one of the towns with a strategic location next to the Ancient Mayan city of Ek Balam, one of the greatest in importance and beauty. Something similar happens in the villages of ChunhuhubCobá, Yaxuna, Sabacché o Santa Elena, where the proximity to relevant archaeological sites and cenotes, allows them to create services to accommodate travelers.

Travelers who seek to live an experience in contact with the current Mayan world, usually choose this type of accommodation. It's a way to contribute to the local economy, and you always get more than you give.


Cabañas Uh Najil, Ek Balam

En Uh Najil Cabins have been learning in these years the needs of the traveler and offering interesting services within their community, for open a window to the Mayan culture. I have known them for years, it has been nice to see them evolve in their business, being more and more professional and offering attractive products for the traveler. The Uh Najil cabins have allowed several families of Ek Balam leave the hard work of the milpa and offer services to the traveler. Other Ek Balam families administer the fabulous Cenote X-Canché, very close to the archaeological zone.

Cabanas Uh Najil, Mayan experience 1
Cabanas Uh Najil, Mayan experience 2
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Characteristics of the accommodation Uh Najil:

Location: The town of Ek Balam (Yucatán) is located 20 km north of Valladolid, towards Tizimn, on highway 295. The detour is well indicated. A collective taxi from Valladolid costs around 40 pesos per person, they leave from Calle 44 and Calle 37.

Accommodation capacity: 12 rustic cabins with capacity up to 55 people. 7 double cabins (two king size beds), 2 simple (1 king size bed) and 3 triple. The cabins are equipped with fan y private bathroom with toiletries. The beds are comfortable, and the nice sheets and pillows, as well as the towels.

Accommodation prices: 

They handle stay packages with activities:

  • Package 2 days / 1 night: 1 night in a cabin (double base) includes dinner and breakfast. Choose between a guided visit to the archaeological zone or entrance + activities to the X-canché cenote. Total: 700 pesos per person. Extra person 600 pesos (maximum 2 extra people).
  • Package 3 days / 2 nights. 2 nights in cabin (double base) including dinners and breakfasts. Guided visit to archaeological zone. Entrance + activities to the cenote X-canché. Community tour in the village of Ek Balam. Total: 1750 pesos per person. Extra person 950 weights (maximum 2 extra people).

Hotel facilities: restaurant of local food and swimming pool (swimming pool). The signal of Internet only in the reception and restaurant area. There is parking. In Cabañas Uh Najil rent bikes and the center has widths paths through the jungle, where to go for a walk Highly recommended to leave early or at nightfall to observe birds and see how the sun illuminates the jungle. In cabins Uh Najil have a theater where they do ceremonies and programmed activities, it is also a magnificent scenery to observe the Yucatecan skies. With so little light pollution you can enjoy the stars.


Advantages to highlight: very interesting place to live closely the rural world of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayan families that manage the cabins propose interesting activities where you learn customs of the Mayan world, preparing or tasting traditional foods, walks through the jungle or visiting the milpa and see how they work in the field. In Ek Balam many people live from the sale of hammocks, they are excellent hammocks.


Disadvantages to mention: due to being a place country without frills, you may find details such as that the hot water takes time to come out. Remember that you are in the field, so do not be surprised by the insects and noises that may be there.

Ek Balam, cabins Uh Najil

What to do in the Ek Balam area? 

In addition to the aforementioned Ek Balam archaeological zone and Cenote X-Canché, this is an area with fabulous cenotes: cenote Sac auaPopcornSweet waterX-Ca'anajaltun o Hubiku. Ek Balam is halfway between you Valladolid as well as the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

Cabanas Uh Najil, Mayan experience 3
Cenote XCanché

Contact of Cabañas Uh Najil: 

Mario Tuz May cell phone (mobile): + 52 985 1068738 / 985 1001732 Your page Facebook and his email: mariotuzmay@gmail.com

It's not the only one lodging in the town of Ek BalamThere are two more: Dolce Vacanza run by Italians with a good restaurant, and the Genesis Eco-Oasis, very nice, run by a Canadian settled in Ek Balam.


If you choose to stay in Ek Balam, you will not get bored, the countryside personally relaxes me just as or more than the beach. Nothing is more interesting than local people with interest and knowledge tell you about their land. Respect people when taking pictures and dress appropriately, without walking around town in a swimsuit, to mention something I've seen. When traveling, try not to leave your head at home and maintain respect.

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