In the Yucatan Peninsula the small Mayan communities develop a local tourism offering lodging to the visitor. Sabacché is one of these communities.

Sabacché It is a Yucatecan Mayan population with interesting tourist places nearby. Two families from the town run the Mayan-style tourist cabins, well equipped for the tourist.

It is a good way to travel with a more direct deal with the inhabitants of these small villages, a tourism increasingly widespread among the communities of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Tourist cabins
Tourist cabins

Life in Sabacché

En Sabacché You can savor the life of these Mayan peoples of a closed and timid character. Do not expect to come to talk to those of the Mayan communities, are not of that character. In a soft and above all sincere way is how you earn a place in the afternoons of the community. Feeling calm, everyday, spending life in town, buying a popsicle in the grocery store, going for a walk, playing with the most daring children, sitting down to watch a soccer or basketball game on the field, discovering that on Sundays besides the day of the Lord it seems to be the day of the drinker.

I adore the everyday, the little details of daily populating.


Sabacché, Mayan people

Sabacché It has the basic structure of small communities: the main street through which transport and street vendors pass, one or some churches, a field, grocery stores where you can get soft drinks and junk food that invades the planet, and dogs, always the scrawny little dogs .

En Sabacché there is no phone signal, well, almost there is ... with will is found. It gives you a different perspective to stay in these towns, without a doubt.

Main Street
Looking for signal ...
Looking for signal ...
Traveling fruit and vegetable vendor
Traveling fruit and vegetable vendor

What to do in Sabacché?

In the heart of the village, the old hacienda, now closed, solemnly displays its henequero past. This area is very interesting to know the history of the Haciendas, a period that marked this area of ​​Yucatan.


In the cabins of the village rent bicycles. There are good dirt roads up Mayapan or cenotes of Cuzamá, usual routes from here. In towns like Pixyah, Telchanillo or Tecoh you find very beautiful cenotes.

But if you do not want to pedal so many kilometers Sabacché has three cenotes, or two, for those rolls of administration that are carried between the communities. There is a 8 kilometers bike path that takes you to the cenotes. The most spectacular is the Calcuch, the other is the Tanimax. Having these water wells nearby is a luxury, always a pleasure to bathe in the cenotes.

Cenote Calcuch

You can also savor the authentic Mayan flavors of corn tortilla, field eggs, chaya and seasonal fruit. This type of community tourism is a very good opportunity to get to know Mayan lands.

Maya communities guide where you can stay


Sabacché For me it will be a special place because here I had the fortune to share volunteering with great people.

Mayan flavors in Sabacché 1

Sabacché, towns

LOCATION: Sabacché is located at 65 of Mérida following the road towards Acancech, at the junction of Tecoh, locate the sign for Ochil.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From the Northeast terminal of Mérida, there is transportation from the 6: 30 every hour to the 9: 30, 11, 13, 14 hrs (1'30 ").
ACCOMMODATIONS: cabins ecoturísticas del projectcyo Kalcuch Other lodges run by Mayan communities in the Yucatan Peninsula? Pinch is located here
WHAT ELSE IN THE AREA? Sabacché is in the Route of the Convents, that you can combine it with the Puuc Route, Mayapan, LoltúnHaciendas and cenotes of the area like those of Cuzamá, those of Telchanillo, Tecoh, Pixyah…. there are infinity in the area. For the cyclists un blog interesting route that passes through Sabacché.

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