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The Mexican Caribbean is a paradise for diving, one of the meccas worldwide in this exciting sport. One of the luxuries of this sea is to bathe in open waters with the bull shark, an encounter that more than exciting.

I have had the luck of dive with this solemn animal here in Riviera Maya, a colossal experience that I will not forget in my life. That day I did not know that we were going to dive with him bull shark. We were a group of friends, mostly beginners, to do a couple of dives. The instructor, also a friend of the group, decided to take us to Turtles, a diving point from 16 to 25 meters in a reef where you usually see many turtles, and as we saw us dive, we took the bull shark. So 10 minutes before I learned that we were sailing towards the bull.

Photo of Juanma Cano
Photo of Juanma Cano

Diving with the bull shark in Playa del Carmen

No time to think about the incredible idea of dive with the bull shark, I thought about how close we were to the coast of Playa del Carmen, the amount of maritime life that travels and inhabits this Caribbean Sea. And I was lucky to go with friends to meet one of the great inhabitants of these waters.

Diving with the bull shark in Riviera Maya.

After descending between 20 and 25 meters on a large sandy area where this is located bull shark colony, we kneel on the bench waiting for the moment to see them. They did not take long to arrive. The moment of the encounter and having that animal piece swimming in front of you is colossal, adrenal it is little. The initial nerves on descending strangely transformed into an incredible peace and emotion with the bulls around us. The group of divers always knees down, the instructors quietly protecting the group and the sharks surrounding us with their impenetrable gaze.

These bull sharks are usually females in gestation period, so they pass the season from November to March in the Caribbean, when the temperature is colder. The curiosity takes them to the divers, in the end we are strangers entering their habitat, they come to see us.

Bull shark.

Many divers come to try the delights of Dive in the Mexican coast. Undoubtedly diving with the bull shark in open waters is the most appetizing candy, a luxury to always remember. I will not forget the image of the sharks at the bottom of the beach circling while we decompensated. I left crying with emotion.


There are diving agencies, to my way of understanding wrongly, that are feeding these animals so that they get closer to the tourist diver and get better sensations and photos. The human avarice before the life has no end, and we do not realize of what we can modify the surroundings. Understood in marine fauna they point out that the equation that the bull shark learns by associating food with the human being is a bad idea, a bad thing. The feeding of wild animals is not a formula shared by all, you can modify their habits in a dangerous way.

If you are going to do this dive, ask at your center if they feed the bull. If you are of this thinking, the best way is not to participate in this type of activities.


I was lucky to dive the bull shark with Vicente Fito from Diving Center Beach, I recommend them totally, with them pure delicatessen.

Good diving,

Diving with the bull shark in Playa del Carmen 1
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