Blogs and webs of Mundo Maya:

The Chilam Balam, a website that reveals the current face of the Mayan culture. Its director José Natividad Ic Xec is one of the voices concerned in the Mayan world.

Ajau Speleological Group It is a pioneer association in caving issues in the Yucatan Peninsula. They train and get involved with society to preserve and conserve the heritage, which belongs to everyone. Create awareness with your excellent work.

Yucatan Today is the reference magazine in the Yucatan Peninsula. A great website with a lot of information. Located in Mérida, it is the area that they dominate the most. Excellent information.

Literature and Mundo Maya is the blog of self-taught writer and researcher Claudio Obregón Clairin. I have taken some course with him, and his vision about the Mayan world seems interesting to me.

Travel blogs:

Memories of the World is the blog of Ana Laura, a true globetrotter, with a rich, interesting world and a different voice within travel blogs.

Live for Travel is the blog of Javi, friend and creator of my website. Curious traveler, a person with adventurous eagerness and desire to experiment. An interesting window to the world of travel to inspire you to go out and explore.

The Green Pea Project: this couple, Roberto and Maribel, with an extensive and rich career, contribute a lot to me with their stories and stories. You learn with your entries.


  1. María Verónica Sierra Miguélez

    Hello Sandra!

    I'm Vero, how's everything going? I have returned to Mexico for a month or so. I'm in Cozumel now with a friend. Within a week my mother and my sister come and I am planning the route. I wanted to ask you for advice on visiting a couple of Cenotes, one in the Valladolid area and another in the Tulum area, what do you recommend?

    Where are you now?

    A hug!

    The Mouse of Villalpando

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Vero, let's see if we agree, then I'll give you my cell phone in case you need it. I ride in Cancun.
      Cool cenotes for Tulum is the Cristal and Grand Cenote, more touristy, but it's worth arriving early and swimming with a mask. You also have the beautiful lagoon of Kaan Luum, it's all on the blog so you can see how to go.
      In Valladolid there is the beautiful Oxman, and in the surroundings I highly recommend the Chooj Ja ', the X-Ca'anjaltun or Agua Dulce, all spectacular. As you stay on route.
      What you want for these days you ask me, enjoy the visit, what a treat! When they leave we plan to get together, come out? ?
      Beautiful hug!


    What's up? I have been introducing myself for a few days in your space that I find very interesting. And I would like to build a trip that includes a few 5 days and then go to a beautiful jungle in 4 days. From there are some of the cenotes near you in your space? Some with lodging that I would also like to enjoy. What would you recommend me? ? We plan to dedicate a total of 12 days

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hello Fernando, it's good that the blog helps you organize 🙂
      In the Tulum area there are many cenotes, if you enter the map You will see that the blue points are cenotes, and so you see the ones that remain in the Tulum area. In fact Riviera Maya there are dozens of tourist cenotes to choose from.
      Near Selva Bonita there are several points of interest to visit, from archaeological sites to cenotes. Damián and the rest of the staff there will inform you with pleasure. I recommend you go to the caves of Kantemó (find the reference in the blog) and Tihosuco, a town with a lot of history. In this area there are cenotes too, as I say, Damián will help you with this information. Surely a very interesting trip awaits you inside. Greetings from my part to the family of Selva Bonita, I am very fond of them.
      Anything else you require here you find me.
      Best regards,

  3. Marie

    hi Sandra I loved your blog, I'm going on 5 days alone with my son from 13 to Riviera Maya and I would like you to recommend me where to stop, I have a reservation in an all inclusive for 9 nights and I regret it a bit, I'm in time to make changes. I want to swim, walk and enjoy. a few days can be to do nothing but throw us, but I want to know, swim in cenotes and turquoise waters, We are from Buenos Aires. Thank you

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Hi Marie, I'm sure you have a great time here 🙂
      There are many places to go, the question is how you want to go: on a trip, for free, renting a car. I leave an article that maybe helps you organize yourself in that:
      From deciding how to move, you could look in the blog section FOR DESTINATION, Riviera Maya, and there you see the options of places you would like to visit, sure you find much to do and see. If you want me to recommend you to someone for excursions, you write me and I'll contact you.
      You're not on vacation now, it's good.

  4. Andrea

    Hello Sandra, I found your blog by chance. I am also a photographer, I have been in these beautiful lands at the same time and I also like to go out and discover the Peninsula. I have known many of the places on your page and I LOVE! The photos are beautiful, the description of the places is very complete and everything is very nice: maps, tips, etc etc! Really Congratulations for the super work :) :) :) Andrea Martinetti

    • Sandra Salvadó

      Thank you Andrea for your comment, you got me a huge smile. Surely we end up crossing, we are not so many lokitos passionate to get to know. I searched the internet, I was curious, did you also study at IDEP in Barcelona? I was born in Barcelona. If you do not remove your beard, I will recognize you on these roads, and so we share a little time.
      A hug, to continue enjoying these lands Andrea, a pleasure to say hello.


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