Welcome to The Shortest Way to the Mayan World, a blog made from passion for travel and the unwritten law of "helping each other with information to travel the road." Hopefully our experience in these lands helps you better enjoy this wonderful corner of the world.

We arrived at the Yucatan Peninsula in the 2007, since then we continue discovering corners of these Mayan lands. We participate in local festivals and traditions, here we learned to observe nature and know our environment, we enjoyed as children of this great playground where we live.

The Shortest Way to the Mayan World it is a corner to walk through lands Maya

The blog collects information from Yucatan PeninsulaChiapasBelize and some Guatemala, approaching the best corners, knowing the customs of the places, their stories, delving into the Mayan culture, walking among its landscapes and its people.

The shortest way to the Mayan World offers you a local experience with a traveling look.

I hope that our knowledge will help you discover amazing corners in your path, help you plan your routes in Mayan lands, learn about the history of the Mayan civilization and its current culture.

We wish you a good path,

"The shortest way to know yourself is to go around the world" Manuel Leguineche, from his book The Shortest Path (1978).

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