A basic question for the traveler is the weather, almost what they ask me the most, what is the best time to travel to the Riviera Maya, Cancun or the Yucatan Peninsula? When it rains? And when are hurricanes?

To begin I tell you that you are in luck, because there is no bad time to visit Riviera Maya. Yes it is true that there are better seasons depending on the weather, but all seasons have their good point.

We are going to see the meteorology of Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula to know which is the best time to visit Riviera Maya.

Tips for those who travel in an all-inclusive hotel package to Riviera Maya


Land of humidity and heatYou do not get rid of that. When you get off the plane you will feel the heat that sticks to your skin.

THE LESS WARM MONTHS: the softest temperatures from December to February, where we arrive at night at temperatures of 18 degrees or less, and during the day we are on the 26. Fantastic time to come, from December to February.

THE MOST WARM MONTHS: July, August and September receive the heat award in Riviera Maya. In the interior of the Peninsula, in the area of ​​Mérida, an April and May expect very dry heat and high temperatures.

In Riviera Maya we have an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius

TIPS FOR HEAT: dress in light and light clothing, cotton and linen are good fabrics for warmth. Hat or cap to cover the head and neck. Drink lots of water, hydrate your body continuously.


Are you coming to tropical climate, and here se divides the year in rainy season and dry season. But attentive, as it is tropical climate, the unforeseen weather is even more crazy than we are used to in places that divide the year in 4 stations.

DRY SEASON: months from mid-November to mid-May. This does not mean that it does not rain during these months, but it rains much less. In fact I write now in December and we have 3 rainy days.

RAINY SEASON: months from mid-May to mid-November. It is when most of the rains condense throughout the year. Normally they fall in a concentrated way, as if the sky opened and discharged all the water that weighs on the clouds. It is very likely that you will take a dip in 15 minutes and the sun will rise immediately.

The rains are so unpredictable that my recommendation is that you do not go crazy. You will look at the weather before you come and if the forecast is for rain you will despair. Then you will come and see that it is not like that, that the tropical climate is very unstable and it is not something easy to predict and hit. If they do rain, they are rains almost always, which do not prevent you from doing anything. A good shower can fall in Playa del Carmen and in Tulum only 50 kilometers away it will be sunny, this is the climate.

Rains are usually strong and intense, so umbrellas are used more to protect you from the sun that for the rain. Bring a better raincoat


Well, you know, all year long we have hot temperatures, the coldest months are from December to February, temperature is the best months. Those months are also good for being on the beach and bathing.

During the whole year the temperatures are good to be on the beach

The hottest months are when the turtles come to spawn and we have the whale shark season. The truth is that all seasons have their own good, come when you come you will have good surprises.


Hurricane season is not a factor for us to choose the best time to travel to Riviera Maya. I honestly would not give much importance to the hurricane season, because hurricanes arrive very few. You have a very small chance of being touched, very rare indeed. Cancun and surroundings have been affected by two major hurricanes: Gilberto in 1988 and Wilma in 2005, both with a difference of 17 years.

Web of current information on hurricanes


  • la Hurricane season in the Yucatan Peninsula is from June to November.
  • hurricanes is a natural phenomenon that is predicted several days in advance.
  • there protocol to follow if there is a hurricane. In case of a hurricane, the hotel will give you the information you must follow.

It is certainly essential for many travelers to know the best time to travel to Riviera Maya. We hope we have helped you with the information.

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