Welcome to the beach paradise of the Mexican Caribbean, beach lovers are going to enjoy. You arrived at the postcard of white sand, turquoise sea and palm trees. What are the best beaches in the Riviera Maya?

I leave my selection with the 8 best beaches of Riviera Maya, the most spectacular you can visit on your own. Get ready to enjoy crystal clear pools in the Mexican Caribbean.

The 8 best Riviera Maya beaches


Even if it's not in Riviera Maya, Holbox We associate it with the Mexican Caribbean. Holbox is in a crystal clear water pool, ideal to go with children. The sea is very calm in Holbox, little waves and it does not cover you more than your hips in meters and meters. Take care of the tides so they don't take your towel 😉

Holbox Island is a true paradise, you will find several stretches of beach, the further you get from the center, the wilder it is.

Discover what to do in 👉Holbox

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Another natural pool of crystal clear water, a beach lujazo to enjoy a perfect day in Isla Mujeres. North Beach It has all the services: rental of lounge chairs, restaurants and bathrooms. You can be with your towel in the shade of a palm tree, just be VERY careful with the coconuts.

Of the best sunsets to see in Riviera Maya, being located on the east coast, we see how the sun sets the mercury-colored sea bathing with its rays.

Discover in Isla Mujeres👉 North Beach

Riviera Maya beaches


Playa Maroma hosts a couple of the best resorts in the Mexican Caribbean, this beach is luxurious. It has an access for which you must pay more than 100 pesos (I don't remember because I haven't been there for a long time). It has a couple of restaurants in the hotels located on the beach where you can eat. You will not be able to use the lounge chairs (hammocks) of the hotels, they are for private use. A dream beach that you surely enjoy, the scenery is wonderful. They close the access in the 18 hours.

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One of the beaches near Playa del Carmen that I like the most. In Paamul there is only one hotel, a restaurant with a pool and a curious community of campers with caravans, which form a town facing the sea.

It is a crescent cove where there is good snorkeling, good walks and a great place to spend a beach day. They leave camping.

Discover beach👉 Paamul

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Another magnificent beach with an atmosphere of restaurants with live music and bars with suggestive cocktails to tempt you. In Xpu-Há beach They rent the lounge chairs on the beach, and you can eat in the restaurants with plastic tables and chairs on the white sand.

Family atmosphere and all services. For those of us who enjoy the quieter beach, you can walk a little and you will be alone. You can camp.

Know beach👉 Xpu Ha

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Another dreamy crescent bay in the Mexican Caribbean, Soliman Bay It is a great place. Soliman is another of the beaches where there are luxury hotels. At the end of everything on the beach there is an acquaintance restaurant where you can eat facing the sea on plastic chairs and tables.

Good snorkeling and good living in Soliman Bay, don't miss it. You can camp.

See how to get to 👉 Soliman Bay

Riviera Maya beaches


In this nice corner it has a beach of vice, Xcacel beach It is the most virgin of the Riviera Maya, more than two kilometers of sand and sea, my favorite. There is also a cenote where you can cool off almost facing the sea, Xcacel cenote.

This place is like a natural park, with services at the entrance, without restaurants or other services. There is an area where you can hang your hammock between palm trees and little else. A Caribbean dream to live this beach. They do not give permission to camp, turtles arrive.

Beach visit 👉 Xcacel

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It is probably the most famous of the Caribbean beaches, because of the turtles that inhabit the place. In the Akumal Bay can swim with turtles in their natural habitat, and that is very difficult to overcome.

There is a wide area of ​​palm trees where many locals go with our coolers (refrigerators) and towels to relax and enjoy the landscape and the sea (beware of coconuts). There are restaurants facing the sea and services.

Discover all the services in 👉Akumal Bay

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I hope you enjoy our menu of the Mexican Caribbean with the best beaches in Riviera Maya. Are you missing any, what do you recommend? These are the beaches of Riviera Maya that you can meet on your trip. Look to see which are your favorites. Remember to collect the garbage that you generate and not to feed or touch the fauna that you find. It is the least personal we can do.

And I tell you a secret: you can sleep in all these beaches, except in Xcacel, in the other there are lodgings or allow camping. Do not go where ever, look How to choose your ideal place to stay in Riviera Maya.

Good way,

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