Soliman Bay It is one of the best beaches on the precious coast of the Riviera Maya. Campers coexist with luxury hotels in this half-moon bay, a beach for everyone.

Soliman Bay It is one of the most luxurious places on the coast, with incredible mansions on the beach and boutique hotels for dream stays. Despite all this luxury, it is also a place where you can camp and enjoy this beautiful beach.

Soliman Riviera Maya

Soliman Bay

White sand, crystal clear water, coral reef, palm trees: Soliman Bay It is a beach with the best ingredients from the fantastic Mexican Caribbean. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in the Riviera Maya, and also one that goes unnoticed. 

It is no coincidence that here they built the most epicurean of the coast, a place sheltered from the great masses endowed with divine beauty.

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Soliman Riviera Maya
Soliman Riviera Maya

Snorkeling in Soliman Bay

In Soliman Bay it does not happen like in Akumal, where if you swim you will surely see turtles, but you can find them swimming sometimes. In addition to sea turtles, corals, stingrays and coral fish await you. It's cool to go with your mask on this beach, for those who like the sea, you will enjoy it.

Bahia Soliman

TIP: Enter the sea with caution in case any small stripe is edged and you step on it, it is when they can nail your needle tail. You will not be the first or the last, so drag your feet in order not to step on them.

Chamico's Restaurant in Soliman

There is a restaurant at the end of the bay that was known as the clandestine years ago, his name is Chamico's restaurant. It is still a wooden hut that serves as a kitchen to prepare delicious ceviche and fresh fish. Luxury eating on the beach, those good feelings that you have in unique places.

Currently they expanded space, menu and prices, and we continue enjoying eating barefoot on the beach. Of course, the bathrooms did not improve them much, something they could do because the service is well charged. Today it is not so clandestine, those sensations of change that make you remember with longing some past times.

To get to Chamico's restaurant you must reach the end of the Bay. Here there is parking and access to the beach.

There is camping area next to Chamico's restaurant

restaurant chamicos soliman
soliman beach

How to get to Soliman Bay

En Soliman Bay there are other restaurants like the Sahara or the highly recommended Oscar & Lalo, which is at the entrance of the main road, it is impossible not to see it advertised. So many years living here and I have never stopped to eat. The Oscar & Lalo poster can serve as a reference to enter Soliman.

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: if you arrive by public transport, you must walk two and a half kilometers, which is nothing, but under the heat of a good part of the year, it becomes eternal.

Other beaches such as Xcacel-Xcacelito, Caleta Tankah, Xpu-Ha or Paamul are closer to the road, something to be appreciated for those who come walking.

Soliman Bay

Soliman Beach Keep keeping the magic of a special place, take this detour that you will like. Of the best beaches to enjoy in Riviera Maya.

Soliman Bay, beach in Riviera Maya luxury 1

Soliman Bay, beaches

LOCATION: Bahía Soliman is located 11 km from Tulum on federal highway 307, which runs along the entire coast.
SCHEDULE AND SERVICES: There are restrooms and showers in the Chamico's restaurant, where you can park at the end of the beach. Pass the security booth and follow the sandy road to the end. This beach is not for payment.
Prices:50 pesos access beach (if you do not consume at Chamico's). 150 mxn camping, introduce drinks and fridge 150 pesos.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?  From Playa del Carmen (2 street between 15 and 20 avenues) and Overall (main street) buses leave, they leave you at the entrance of the road, 1 kilometer from the Xcacel-Xcacelito beach.
ACCOMMODATION: is one of the hotels most valued the Riviera Maya, the Hotel Jashita. There are other options, and you can also camp for 15z0 pesos each person. At Chamico's restaurant at the end of the bay, they give you the information. You can take it to make your barbecue on the beach.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat to cover the sun. If you have a mask and fins, you are in the ideal place to remove them. Umbrella for the sun or something similar.

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