If you are planning your trip we help you with a list with our best Mayan pyramids of Mexico. As always we hope to help you on your way through these lands.

We have visited most of the Mayan archeological sites enabled by the INAH in Mexico. The lists are going well for those who do not know more than us, as a compacted help for the traveler.

What pyramids of Mayan Mexico should I visit? What would be the unmissable Mayan archeological zones? We tell you about all the Mexican states with Mayan archeological zones. Let's first locate ourselves on the map.

The term Mayan pyramids is not entirely correct. What happens is that it is the most used in general, and because of unifying search language we use it.


In the territory that occupies part of the current Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize and part of Nicaragua and Honduras lived together and grew different pre-Hispanic cultures. All this wealth of cultures formed Mesoamerica.

These different cultures were created as the human being became sedentary, domesticated some plants and animals and occupies diverse territories. The contact between these different territories was continuous, whether by occupation and forceful domination, for commercial purposes or whatever. Archaeological evidence tells us that there was contact between the different Mesoamerican cultures.

This factor made share similar cultural characteristics: such as polytheism, calendar, pictographic writing or vigesimal numbering. On the Mayan writing it is the only one that we can affirm that it had writing. Other Mesoamerican cultures such as Toltec or Aztec, or as with the Andean of the Incas, there are clear indications that they had a basic writing, but cannot be classified as such.

You want to know more about the beautiful Mayan writing

Explore the 5 most impressive pyramids of Mexico Mayans 1

Where the Mayans were located

The Mayans were located in the current states of Mexico of Tabasco, Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo and Chiapas, in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

We focus on the Mayan archeological zones in Mexico.

Explore the 5 most impressive pyramids of Mexico Mayans 2


El National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) manages a total of 187 archaeological zones open to the public throughout Mexico. In the three states of the Yucatan Peninsula 39 they are paid. In Chiapas there is 8 payment.

El INAH, just as your quote websites, is "The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) investigates, preserves and disseminates the archaeological, anthropological, historical and paleontological heritage of the nation in order to strengthen the identity and memory of the society that holds it.»

From the INAH website are the statistics and information part of the article. We divide the archeological zones by state to facilitate reading.

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1.Mayan archeological sites of Quintana Roo

En Quintana Roo there are 14 archaeological sites from the Mayan world that are marketed: Kohunlich, Dzibanché-Kinichná, Oxtankah, and Chacchoben, in the south of Quintana Roo; Muyil, Tulum, Cobá, Xel-Há and Xcaret in the Riviera Maya area; El Rey, San Miguelito and El Meco in Cancun; and San Gervasio on the island of Cozumel.

Explore our best 5 Mayan archeological zones of Quintana Roo

The most visited is OverallFollowed by Cobá. Their proximity to Riviera Maya aúpa, while much more relevant cities in Quintana Roo remain covered.


2, Mayan archeological sites of Yucatán

Yucatan has 16 archaeological zones of payment: Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Ek Balam, Dzibilchaltún, Kabah, Loltún, Xcambó, Mayapán, Sayil, Labná, Aké, Xlapak, Acanceh, Oxkintok, Balankanché and Chacmultún.

Meet the 5 archaeological sites of Yucatán what we recommend

La Wonder of the Modern World of Chichén Itzá is the great tourist jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula. The great bulk of tourists arrive from Riviera Maya.

Mayan pyramids visited Yucatan

3. Mayan archeological sites of Campeche

En Campeche there are 9 archaeological zones of payment: Calakmul, El Tigre, Balamkú, Chicanná, Xpuhil, Becán, Hochob, Edzná and Santa Rosa Xtampak.

Explore the best 5 archeological zones of Campeche

Once again the location influences seeing how Edzná is the most visited thanks to the proximity factor with urban tourist centers. Without a doubt Calakmul is the architectural jewel of Campeche and has gained a lot in visits the last decade.

mayan archeological sites campeche

4, Mayan archeological sites of Chiapas

De Chiapas we show a statistic of the archaeological zones conditioned by the INAH: Palenque, Bonampak, Yaxchilán, Toniná, Chinkultic, Tenam Puente, Lagartero, Chiapa de Corzo, Iglesia Vieja and Izapa, these last two on the Pacific coast are free to enter.

Discover the 5 archeological zones of Chiapas what we recommend

Palenque is by far the most visited, the best known in Chiapas, a state symbol.

archeological sites of Chiapas
Figures of visitors in the month of July of 2017

5, Mayan Archaeological Sites of Tabasco

The state of Tabasco is mostly visited by national tourism. INAH administers 6 archaeological sites of Tabasco: Comalcalco, La Venta. Moral-Reforma, Pomoná, Malpasito and San Claudio.

I barely know Tabasco, the most visited by far is Comalcalco, with 70% of visits, behind La Venta. We have only visited Comalcalco and it is very much worth the getaway.

Any named archeological zone can be searched in our blog. Some do not have them, but many do.

Carlos Uc May, who manages the site of Mayan interest Yáanal Maaya k'áax, he shared this valuable information on statistics of visits to Mayan areas and I liked the idea of ​​informing with numbers.


I hope the list will help you plan your trip or trips through these Mayan lands. This is our idea of ​​the best pyramids in Mexico. There are minor archeological sites that I enjoy a lot, but I understand that for a trip time one chooses the most impressive.

Can you imagine the old cities? Look out to see how the ancient Mayan cities

Our 5 captive pyramids of Mexico in Mayan territory


For us Yaxchilán brings together everything good: adventure, nature, the possibility of seeing animals and a magnificent environment that makes the archeological site a delicacy to visit. It is only reached by boat to Yaxchilán, by the Usumacinta River, only the ride is worth the visit. Our number one pyramid of Mayan Mexico.

mayan mexico pyramids


Calakmul can only be reached after traveling 60 kilometers along a narrow road that goes through the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve to the archaeological site. Here you will climb the highest Mayan pyramids of Mexico.

pyramids of mexico


Uxmal architecturally is a bombonazo: its even and balanced games of lines between buildings, the distribution of the set and the details that we find makes visiting Uxmal something beautiful.

pyramids of mexico


The natural environment of the enclosure, its majestic buildings, the details of the place such as crests and various inscriptions, Palenque is a pimp. You can also visit the museum that is wonderful, with a replica of Pakal's grave that you should not miss.

pyramids of mexico


It is clear that in each one a criterion prevails when choosing. Surely ours is the natural environment of the place, that's why Kohunlich is there. We love the jungle, the walk between palms, its viewpoint to Belize, and of course the enclosure and its masks are something exquisite. Like monkeys in this area.

Kohunlich archaeological site, Quintana Roo

What would be your list of the favorite Mayan pyramids in Mexico?

Well, that traveler, enjoy these wonders of the past. It is a pleasure to be able to explore the traces of the History of Humanity, soak up knowledge, experiences and feelings that penetrate our people. I am convinced that these walks through our past help us improve.

For those who are interested in this topic, in addition to the friend Carlos Uc May and his Youtube , is Eduardo González Arce, enthusiastic explorer of the Mayan territory, who also has Youtube channel and page in Facebook.

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