The town of Cobá is an excellent option to stay a few days and discover its fantastic surroundings soaking up the Mayan culture. The road always offers interesting detours for all visitor profiles. 

El town of Cobá it benefits from its strategic location, just as the ancient Mayans did. The quiet Mayan town, of about 1500 inhabitants, lives on foot between the lagoon Cobá and one of the most notable ancient Mayan cities from the Yucatan Peninsula, Cobá. Its strategic location made it flourish for many years, just as it does today. The flow of tourists arriving daily from Riviera Maya makes the town and its surroundings prosper handicraft businesses, restaurants, hotels, visits to tourist cenotes ... Cobá strategic place.

Cobá It's the most demanded tours of Riviera Maya. Few stay overnight here, a luxury refuge on the road this town.

Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Coba people, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Where to sleep in Cobá:

Stay for sleep in Cobá allows you to discover the charm of the place and its people. The Riviera Maya it feels very far from the reality of the slow pace that characterizes the Mayan areas. I like this Mayan calm, I honestly like it. Cobá offers you another, more authentic way to live the Yucatan Peninsula, closer to reality.


Hotel Lol-Ha hotel Sacbé are two cheap accommodations, side by side, they get confused and everything. Both have restaurant service and are similar in services. I have stayed in both, very friendly always.

Other lodgings are the Hotel Hacienda Cobá and  Coqui Coqui walk to the lagoon. The Coki Coki is a small chain of charming hotels based in Valladolid e Izamal. There is a new option in Coba that I have not tried, but it is different within the offer of the place, it is about Aldea Coba and Escape Resort.


What to do around Cobá?

  • COBÁ ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA: Cobá It is one of the most remarkable ancient Mayan cities in the area. He favored trade for years. It conserves remarkable treasures of the Mayan world, such as the 1 stele and the highest pyramid of Quintana Roo, Nohoch Mul, 42 meters high that allow you to savor the green sea that forms the jungle, delicious view.
Ruins of Coba, Mexico.
  • COBÁ CENOTES: A few kilometers away there are several cenotes such as the Tankach-Ha, Multum-Ha and Choo-Ha that added to those of the population of San Juan de Dios, offer a very interesting range of cavities. In the town of Saint John of God there are some Mayan vestiges that can be seen from Nohoch Mul, I have never visited them, one more slope.
Cenote Multum-Há, Mexico.
  • PUNTA LAGUNA RESERVE: Punta lagoon It is without a doubt one of the natural spaces that I like the most in Quintana Roo. This spider monkey sanctuary is managed by a Mayan community, who have been working in the preservation of the place for years. This has led them to perform activities such as observing monkeys, canoe trips, zip line .. you will love it.
Zipline to Punta Laguna, Quintana Roo.
  • THREE KINGS y PACCHÉN, on the same road as Punta Laguna, are two other places to be surprised with activities in lagoons and cenotes. In Pacchén one of the triathlons of the Yucatan Peninsula circuit takes place.
  • BEACHES OF TULUM: to 44 kilometers you have the Tulum beaches, one of the most sought after and most prestigious places on the Mexican Caribbean coast. This fame has made prices on the coast very expensive, so it may be an option to visit them from here. 4 kilometers from the town of Tulum is the archaeological zone of Tulum.
Tulum ruins, Caribbean Sea, Riviera Maya.
  • CENOTES BETWEEN COBÁ AND TULUM: address Tulum you find several cenotes like the busy Grand Cenote, the Car Wash, Zazil Há or the coveted by divers, Cenote Calavera.
Gran Cenote, Tulum
  • CITY COLONIAL VALLADOLID: the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid It is only 61 kilometers from Cobá. It is on the perfect route to continue traveling the Yucatan Peninsula, a place full of stories and unique corners.
Church in Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico.

Savor the Mayan calm staying in towns like Cobá, entering to know the past and the present maya. There is no better way to get closer to cultures than by living with them. Cobá is a town of friendly people surrounded by a lot of charm.

Town of Cobá, Mayan alternative to Riviera Maya 1

Coba, towns

LOCATION: Cobá It is located 47 km west of Jumpsuit along federal highway 109 direction Valladolid.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? Sale ADO and collective transportation from Jumpsuit to Cobá (45 minutes). Also from Valladolid and Playa del Carmen you can get to Cobá. There are taxis that take you from Tulum for about 400 pesos the way.
WHAT TO BRING? Comfortable and light clothing, and hat to cover your head. Protect yourself from the sun and insects, and do not forget your swimsuit to enjoy the cenotes.

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