Agua Azul is one of the stops that liven up the traveler's journey through the exuberant territory of Chiapas. Some beautiful pools of turquoise water that meander the mountain range known to the Tzeltals as Mountains of Water.

Blue water It is one of the photos that the traveler has in his head if he travels to Chiapas. In addition to its undeniable beauty, it is worth mentioning that it is located on the road that connects Palenque and San Cristóbal de las Casas, the two great destinations of Chiapas.

This factor makes it a very popular place, both in tourists and in the corresponding souvenir stalls, run by the community of Mayan Choles. In spite of this, the place is a very beautiful place that is enjoyed very much.

What to visit between Palenque and San Cristóbal de las Casas?

Agua Azul pools, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.

The turquoise pools of Agua Azul In Chiapas

En Blue water there are wooden paths that will lead you to viewpoints upriver through successive turquoise pools and waterfalls. The waterfall typical of the postcard is close to the parking area. This makes many people stay in this area, but up and lonely and beautiful corners await you upstream.

There are several local restaurants in the area

Agua Azul waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul Waterfall, Chiapas, Mexico.

Following the path you have more than 3 kilometers cleared by the side of the bed of the Agua Azul River to enjoy in absolute tranquility. The area is Special Reserve of the Biosphere for the variety of species, some in danger of extinction.

Jungle, Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.
Bath in Agua Azul, Chiapas, Mexico.

How should you visit Agua Azul?

Fearing the privileged situation between Palenque and San Cristóbal de las Casas, there is no excursion that does not stop in Agua Azul on its way down this road. El misol-ha water jump it's the other classic stop.

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Agua Azul pools, Chiapas, Mexico.

It will be difficult to avoid this beautiful place, it has a special charm to see the beautiful route of these Turquoise waters. Giving you a swim here is a wonderful idea, you will enjoy it.

How to visit the Agua Azul pools? Unmissable turquoise waters of Chiapas 1

Blue water, nature

LOCATION: Blue water You find it 58 km from Ocosingo, 64 km from Palenque and 200 from San Cristóbal de las Casas.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Palenque combis leave until the crossing of Agua Azul (1h30 ″). From here there are 4 kilometers that you can do in another bus to the entrance. There are always collective taxis on the diversion to Agua Azul (they charge between 15 and 30 pesos per person, according to people). From San Cristóbal you must go by combi to Ocosingo and from there another combi towards Palenque. Most visit it inThe collective tourist excursion from San Cristóbal or Palenque.
PRICE INPUT AND SERVICES: 70 mxn. There are two payments, that of Agua Azul and that of the community in the area. There are services at the entrance and restaurants.
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothes, hat, insect repellent, closed and comfortable shoes so as not to slip and protect yourself from insect bites, some water always goes well.

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