Riviera Maya is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. Every year thousands of tourists arrive who travel in all inclusive in Riviera Maya. Any advice they won't give you?

If you come from all inclusive in Riviera Maya by hiring a vacation package from Spain, Argentina, Mexico or wherever your place of origin, your travel agency provides you with the information.

Despite this, you can always keep details in the inkwell, they are not experts in the destination normally.

We know the area well and we are up to date because we live here from the 2007. We hope to help you with your trip 🙂

Several of you have asked me about the security issue, I wrote this post about la security in Riviera Maya.


FLIGHT DURATION AND TIPS: your trip from Spain will have an approximate duration of 10 hours, from Argentina more or less the same, subtract a couple of hours, according to the scales you do. During the flight they offer channels with movies, series, documentaries and music. If you do not want to pay more than 3 euros for about auriculares, take your family home, they will charge you on the plane.

PROCEDURES FOR ENTERING MEXICO: in the plane destination to Cancun they will give you individually the entry form to Mexico, which you must fill out. In this form you should basically say the days you are on vacation, the hotel where you are staying and your passport information. In the box corresponding to the state of Mexico that you are going, you must put Quintana Roo. You must also fill out the Customs declaration, one form per family group. Fill both papers in the plane and take them by hand when going down, they will ask for the documents next to your passport.

If you come to Riviera Maya to a friend's house and not a hotel, you must know the address of the friend to put it in the entry form. If not, put the name of a hotel.

Mexico entry form
Entry form (you must keep a part to deliver on departure)


PROCEDURES AT THE CANCUN AIRPORT: in the booth of customs, you will deliver the entry form next to your passport. You return part of the entry form that you must deliver at the airport to your vacation, save it well. If you lose it you will have to pay an 30 USD on departure.

After the customs you will have to pick up your luggage in the tapes. The luggage, due to inspections, will surely take a long time, patience. And no, you still can not smoke here, hold on a bit more.

Pick up your luggage you go to the luggage inspection point with your form Customs declaration and your family. You will have to press a random button that tells you if you check your luggage manually or not. Previously all the luggage at this point go through scanner control.

AIRPORT DEPARTURE: Once this procedure is finished, you can now go to the exit from the terminal, where they will be waiting for you with a poster of your agency or company. Look at the different posters and you will find yours. There you will have to wait until the passengers of your same agency meet all, and from here they transport you in van or bus to your hotel. By the way, here you can throw your cigarette.

After smoking, another great despair is using the mobile. How to use your mobile in Mexico? I leave you an entry about calls from Mexico. At the airport there is no free WIFI signal, you should wait to connect at your hotel.

TRANSPORTATION TO YOUR HOTEL: el trip to your hotel It can last, between one hour, and one hour and a half, depending on the distance and the number of hotels that stops before by the other passengers. More patience, you are on vacation, it is already known that large groups slow down the dynamics.

By the way, it is likely that the staff of your agency that takes you to the hotel will emphasize that do things on your own It is VERY dangerous, let alone car rental, better all on excursions. they say it for their own interest, they close options to tourism based on fear. Each one sweeps his own house, but it seems ugly that they put this fear into tourists.

Pool all-inclusive hotel in Riviera Maya.


WELCOME TO THE NEXT DAY WITH THE OPERATOR TOUR: The day after your arrival you will have a talk at the all-inclusive hotel in Riviera Maya with your travel agent. At the meeting he will inform you of the tours you can do in Riviera Maya. Surely the talk for your trip gives you security, some skip this talk. It is not mandatory that you go, although it is convenient for you to do so because in the talk they offer you their excursions. In this talk they also invite you to book the theme restaurants in the hotel, I'll explain: all-inclusive hotels usually have buffet-style restaurants, where you do not need a reservation, and some thematic Japanese, Italian, and Mexican food, where you need to book a day in advance. In the welcome speech, they strengthen the information in some way in destination. In many of the hotels they offer free daily transportation to Playa del Carmen.

JET LAG: the time difference with Spain is 7 hours, if you travel from the American continent it is reduced. You will have jet lag, especially in transoceanic flight. My recommendation is that you stay asleep on the plane and go to sleep around 22 or 23 pm, so you will get used to the new time zone faster. You will likely wake up at 5 a.m. for the first few days. The good thing is that you can go to see the sunrise on the beach.

WHAT ARE THE AREAS YOU WILL STAY IN ?: Riviera Maya It is divided by zones according to the type of tourism and its nationality. For example, in the Zona Hotelera from Cancun most are Americans or Canadians. If you come in an all-inclusive package from Spain or Argentina, you will most likely stay in a hotel on the coastal strip near Playa del Carmen.

all inclusive in Riviera Maya


In the all-inclusive hotels in Riviera Maya, they usually sell the most expensive excursions. The easiest is to go to Playa del Carmen, where you will find a varied offer of agents and excursions. Many tourists use their first day after arriving to go to Playa del Carmen, where options for excursions, restaurants, shopping are greatly expanded.

There are agencies that sell onlineIt is also a very good option to hire before coming, it is usually cheaper.

How to easily plan the tours of the all-inclusive trip in Riviera Maya

The Civitatis agency sells all types of excursions online: it has good prices and services, You can book with them through the blog in a safe and easy way. The tours are in Spanish. With them you can Cancel free until 24 hours before. We have affiliation with them, something that allows us to continue with the work of this website thanks to the commission we received. Thanks in advance.



BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: about moving in public transport you will have it easy too. All-inclusive hotels in Riviera Maya are located at a from the main road. You just have to go out to this one and wait, in the direction of the road you are heading, the vans that carry posters from Cancun-Playa del Carmen or Tulum-Playa del Carmen. Tips for touring on your own Riviera Maya.

RENT CARrent a car in Riviera It is a good option to move on your own. Yucatan Peninsula has good, well marked and safe roads. Here are some tips for driving around these lands. the car is left at your hotel or at the airport, comfortable and easy, they give you options.

What are the best excursions in Riviera Maya.

Sian Kaan road.


OUTPUT PROCEDURES: remember that you must deliver the part of the entry form to Mexico that they gave you when you arrived. If you lost it you must pay 30 usd.

AIRPORT RATES: something that sometimes is not clear and creates suspicion is that you will have to pay exit fees if your ticket does not have them included. Travel agencies, to offer a more attractive price on their vacation packages, tend to ignore these rates. Ask your travel agency If the departure fees are included in your ticket. 

The price of the exit rates are about 60 euros (1100 mxn), which you can pay in euros, dollars or Mexican pesos on departure (do not accept 100 usd tickets). He paid It is done in the billing line, before arriving at the counter. You can not pay by card, carry the amount in cash.

Back to Spain, the flight will be shorter, about 8 hours. The meteorological phenomenon called jet streams It is the cause.

Wait at the airport.

You may be interested in reading about currency exchange, tips, bargaining in the information to travel to Mexico. I hope this information helps you to prepare your all-inclusive vacation in Riviera Maya.

Margarita cocktail.

Good way,

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