Hacienda Ake is a fundamental part of the history of the green gold of Yucatan. The henequen was a product that completely changed the Yucatan Peninsula, a necessary look to know this land.

If you are one of those who are interested in history, you will surely want to take a tour of the Hacienda Ake, of the few haciendas that currently continue to manufacture products extracted from henequen. We are going to know this gem and with it part of the history of the Peninsula.

Hacienda Ake, Yucatan


Our Haciendas and the development of henequen plantations They generated an economic and social transformation during the period from 1850 to 1950. Henequen is a product derived from a species of Yucatan cactus. From the leaves of the henequen, their natural fibers are extracted for the manufacture of yarns and fabrics for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial use. From henequen they manufacture products such as ropes that were used to tie boats, thread to pack, fabrics to decorate walls, carpets, bags for coffee, cocoa or corn. All under constant demand from the United States and European countries such as France and Spain. For these reasons, henequen was known as the green gold of Yucatan, for its strong economic influence in the region.

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Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
The henequen plant


I explain an anecdote to return the kindness that people of the Aké deserve for my part. When they did not operate as a tourist hacienda, a few years ago, we arrived on a Sunday (Sundays are not working) and shouting, the hacienda's night watchman left. He told us that the boss was not there, but that he gave us his telephone number in case we wanted to visit him at another time, and we gave him our phone number anyway. To my surprise, the following Monday, Mr. Solís, the owner of the ranch, called me and, with that kindness that is evident in those who inadvertently offer anything in return, he told me that if we wanted to visit the place, he would gladly take care of us personally. Surely he does not remember this anecdote, but if he ever reads this, I hope my affection for his disinterested detail will reach him.

Mr. Solis and his family had in mind to do tours on his farm, something he has done in these years. In my opinion, it is one of the best visits to a Yucatecan hacienda that you can do, Hacienda San Lorenzo Aké is a chulada. They also rent the space for events, as well as the main house to stay.

I leave you the contact web of Hacienda Aké to see the services they offer.

Hacienda Aké, Yucatán
Hacienda Aké, Yucatán


La Hacienda Aké is one of the few that carry out henequen production process, here they continue making products extracted from henequen in the cordelería. The henequen in the Mayan language is known as ki, and the fiber obtained from the cactus as soskil. In ancient Mayan times they used it, as they told us.

The Hacienda has several parts to cover: the old one processing factory with its decadent charm, the cordage, the hatchery deer that they raise, fruit fields and other ranches of the haciendaIn addition to Chapel of Aké, where one of the black Christs in Yucatan is venerated. Another plus of Hacienda Aké is being next to the ruins of Aké, an archaeological zone that you can visit apart from the tour they give you at the Hacienda.

Hacienda Aké, Yucatán
The processing factory
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
The cordelería
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
Hacienda Ake, Yucatan
Church of the Hacienda Aké that is visited in the tour
Ruins of Aké
Ruins of Aké

An extra of tour of the Hacienda is the guide Jose, one of the workers of the factory, who with his kindness and good performance conquers the visiting public. No one better than him to explain firsthand what he does every day. He has been working in Aké as 30 for years and knows perfectly the work and its surroundings. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was the billboard years ago of the hacienda, which so cordially put us in contact with Solís.

I hope you enjoy the Hacienda and the ruins, Aké is a great place to visit. There are other haciendas such as Estate Sotuta de Peón where they offer very complete tours through history. Much good to continue enjoying in these lands.

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LOCATION: Hacienda Aké It is at kilometer 40 of the Mérida-Cancun highway. You must take the detour that indicates the Aké archaeological zone.
SCHEDULE AND CONTACTopen from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. daily, except on Sunday when the rope factory closes. I leave you the direct contact and the information of the place so that you can do the tour at Hacienda Aké tours@ruinasdeake.com 
strong> TOUR PRICE: 250.00 pesos (Includes a drink) and 400.00 pesos (Includes a drink and snacks). It lasts for an hour and a half, both end with a video about the history of the place. You can also stay at the Hacienda, contact them.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? From Mérida I think the simplest thing is to take bus or collective to Tixkokob, and from this town take another bus
WHAT TO BRING? Light and light clothing, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, closed shoes much better, like long pants, and some water always goes well.
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