In colors, nothing has to envy the Bacalar lagoon to the Caribbean sea. If the day is clear, you can see 7 different colors covering the lagoon, this is how it is known: the 7-color lagoon. It is one of those stops on your way that you will not forget.

The town of Bacalar is one of the Magical Towns of Mexico. This old fortified colonial port preserves part of the fort of San Felipe. It was built in 1729 to counter the attacks of the English pirates that haunted this Caribbean area. The local is proud of his roots.

In a place near Riviera Maya with relatively young cities such as Playa del Carmen or Cancun, it leads us to a Mexico with more soul and tradition. You are in a different place on this eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.


La Bacalar lagoon extends 40 kilometer parallel to the Caribbean Sea, with channels that connect it to the sea and other lagoons such as the Xul-Há lagoon or the Guerrero lagoon. Bacalar It is a quiet town where tourism has been growing in recent years along with services.

how to get to bacalar lagoon


Bacalar is located on the federal highway 307. This road runs from north to south throughout the state of Quintana Roo, from Cancun to Chetumal, parallel to the coast of the Caribbean Sea. It is a very comfortable road, with sections of two lanes, other sections of a single lane, but it is wide and has a good paved and hard shoulder. As we see Bacalar is very well connected by road, also by public transport.

I link you tips for traveling by bus in Mexico, you can save by buying in advance.


  • BY HIGHWAY: From any of these towns you must take the federal highway 307 and do not leave it. From Cancun it takes 4 hours and a half, from Playa del Carmen 3 hours and a half and from Tulum something less than three hours.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The company of ADO buses It has daily schedules to get to Bacalar. From Cancun a ticket leaves for about 470 pesos. Search schedules and prices directly on their website.

If you want to go on a trip from Riviera Maya to Bacalar, you have this interesting option


  • BY HIGHWAY: Take the 307 federal highway towards the north towards Bacalar, at about 40 minutes you arrive at the destination.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT: from Chetumal there is still buses of the company ADO, search schedules and prices directly on their website. You also have the option to go in collective taxi: The Whereabouts of Bacalar Taxis It is in the center of Chetumal, there are taxis for 4 people who leave when they are full. Each person pays 30 Mexican pesos per trip.
  • FROM THE CHETUMAL AIRPORT: There is the option of a direct taxi from the airport of Chetumal to Bacalar. A private taxi costs 500 pesos the way, if it is a shared taxi about 150 pesos per person.


  • BY HIGHWAY: If you are going to go from Mérida, the road is not so fast in all the sections, because you will be going to town: that means you will have stops and slow down. Anyway, this road has improved a lot, and you will go through a less touristy area. It will be a journey of something more than 4 hours and a half.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORT: buses from the ADO company also leave from Merida. schedules and prices directly on their website.

Bacalar the traveler likes it Here one becomes enchanted with the beauty of the colors, the tranquility and the atmosphere of the place. The lagoon It offers relaxation, water sports, nature, also keeps secrets like cenotes and stromatolites. Sundays usually filled with local tourists, especially those spas located at the foot of the lagoon, where there are palapas to eat. Here you live a peaceful atmosphere of families who spend the day in Bacalar.

Bacalar has lodgings at the foot of the lagoon, some near the urban center, others in the town and others on the 307 road. The lagoon is very extensive, there are lodges for all tastes.

Choose hotel in Bacalar

Bacalar it accommodates the traveler without losing its essence and character. The locals do not envy their neighbors to the north, they feel their little Caribbean better, it is a special place.

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