Akumal one of the most beautiful bays in a Riviera Maya full of paradises. A place full of natural attractions that makes it special and unique, you will not want to miss this detour on your way.

Akumal is one of the most interesting places in the Riviera Maya. This Caribbean town of enviable houses facing the sea, barely stretches a few kilometers in one of the most beautiful coastal fringes of the Mexican Caribbean.

Here they have installed several hotels, restaurants with priceless views, diving schools, all in a quiet vacation environment, away from the most hectic Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Akumal is the hottie on the Mexican Caribbean coast.

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Akumal beach

Swim with turtles in Akumal:

Akumal It is exclusive, and as such has several unique treasures to enjoy. The best known is that you can swim with turtles in their natural habitat.

Akumal means place of turtles in Mayan language

Swimming with turtles is something you can experience all year long. If you are during the months of May to October you can see how the turtles spawn on this coast And hopefully, see the young born until the month of October.

In Akumal you can have this direct, incredible and priceless contact with nature, just remember the rules (you can read them on the beach) so as not to disturb the turtles and all the other animals of the place. Respect the rules.

swim akumal turtles
Akumal marine fauna

Akumal beach, that of the turtles:

Not only do people come to swim with turtles to Akumal. Obviously it's the plus, but we're talking about one of the most beautiful beaches of Riviera Maya. Half moon whitewashed in white sand and palm trees, crystal clear waters with marine fauna that will delight you. A beach go.

Ice maker, something to make shade if the palm trees are busy and enjoy the Akumal beach, delightful

PRICE ACCESS TO THE BEACH: Only accredited quintanarroenses do not pay access to the beach, the rest are 1oo pesos. The activity with the turtle swim is paid separately.


Caleta Yal-Kú in Akumal:

Inside Akumal is the Yal-kú cove, a privileged place where the underground fresh waters of the Peninsula flow and create one of the most beautiful landscapes of this Mexican coast.

Here you can bathe among goldfish, discover the aquatic landscape of the place and experience the halocline, blurred effect that is created from the mixture of fresh and salt water. Yal-kú will make you enjoy more of Akumal.

caleta yalku akumal
caleta yalku akumal


The other beach where you can swim near the coral and continue enjoying this natural aquatic wonder of Akumal, is next to the La Buena Vida restaurant, one of my favorite places in this Caribbean so enjoyed.

Akumal beach

En this beautiful bay you will feel in a unique and privileged place In your stay in the area, where you will discover that the sea is much more than sun and hammock.

Here, snorkel lovers find a true natural paradise. And when you rest on the beach you will do it in the shade of a palm tree. Enjoy the Mexican Caribbean.

Akumal Bay, place of turtles and other secrets 1

Akumal Bay, beaches

LOCATION:Akumal is located 37 km from Playa del Carmen and 26 from Tulum. Akumal village is divided into two, one part on the beach side, the other inside. There are several entrances to the Akumal coast, the main one is under the bridge of the federal highway 307.
HOW TO GET IN PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?From Tulum pass buses on the main street. If you go from Cancun (thecollectiveYou must get off at the last stop in Playa del Carmen and from there take another bus to Akumal (2 street between 15 and 20). Public transport leaves you on the federal highway 307, on the bridge at the entrance of the town (warns the driver, he knows). From here you walk 1 km to the beach. The ADO (big bus) does not stop in Akumal, you must go in combi,collective,Go, van.
TIPS:One of the animals that inhabit the Caribbean are small rays, it is best to enter the water shuffling to avoid stepping on them, which is when they bite us.
SEASON DESOVE TURTLES: from mid-May to mid-September, they tend to see themselves more at night (they have red light, never white). Where and when to see turtles in Riviera Maya
AKUMAL SERVICES: You find restaurants, supermarket, ATMs, souvenir shops. The just facilities of a coquettish beach town. They rent snorkel gear and there are lockers.

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